Municipal company "Kiev underground" plans to complete the work
to implement an automated accounting system and control of passenger
until 2010. This was at the briefing said the chief engineer of the subway , Vladimir
Sihl .

"We are taking into account the resources that we have, we are planning this year to complete
all those works which are necessary for the system to work stably,
up its service, "- he said. Sihl reported that the completion of the program
planned in August, but that in 2009 the program of socio-economic
metro development provided 9, 7 million hryvnia, whereas for the completion of
system should be 14, 7 million hryvnia in the light of prices in 2008. In addition, the "Kiev
Metro "is going to put on five shallow stations, turnstiles
at the exit to prevent unauthorized passage of passengers. Execution
this work underground in the commends 8, 6 million hryvnia. If you find a Metro
additional sources of financing, the system in 2009 will be built
completely. "If we find another means to this year prostroit
the system completely, then we all outputs dooboruduem turnstiles "- said
he said. Metro also plans to equip all the outputs of contactless readers
cards for the program fare passengers depending
on the length of the path and residence time in the subway. According to Metro,
employees of the company in March seized 1, 048 students travel to
not belong to the class that is almost 2 times more than
February. The increase in seizures of student travel, Metro says
presence on the contactless card reader signal lamps. In contact
Student travel and reader is lighted red lamp, which is
signal to the officer of the paramilitary underground, which
turn has the right to verify that the beneficiary of the relevant documents
and remove travel in their absence.

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