Under the conditions that now formed in our country, each clearly
need for additional funds to be used on their own
discretion and need. On the question of where today you can take out a loan or credit
for a small fee , we will try to answer in this article.

No matter how loud those who did not shout the order podnadoevshie phrase "financial
Crisis! "money as we needed, because of their" popularity "among the people
masses and not diminished. Even more likely, vice versa. If some citizens
were at least some savings, then the rest are either locked
the banks on deposit accounts, or do they never existed.
Whatever it was, to argue about who is to blame for the fact that there is no money or
not enough (and for some reason they never have enough), and who "will beat" right now
Not yet. Let us answer the question, "what to do." To date,
we know how to obtain a loan or a certain desired amount, there are some
* how to borrow from relatives / friends / acquaintances, * to sell something to us
not very necessary, * to try their luck in the lottery / horse racing, * ask for "help"
from financial institutions * finally realize their creative potential.
If your relatives / friends / acquaintances are in a better financial
position, then the chances are that your request for a Loan
amount of money will not be ignored. At the same time you have a exceptional
opportunity to test the "kinship" neighbors, friends feel "in trouble"
and get to know just acquaintances. Necessarily a deal to back a receipt
because as the saying goes - friendship is friendship, and money separately. A receipt is made
free-form, the borrower must give the name, address, passport
data, the amount in words and currency of the loan, as well as the repayment date. In the United States to average
people are often held so-called "garage sale". Than
no reason to do the same and those citizens who are in desperate need of money?
Especially if your home, garage or cottage house in need of cleaning long
of things that you have not in use. In order for sale was conducted
around the clock, you can place your ad on the sale of goods on the Internet,
at various forums, flea markets and other free services. If you
believe in luck and think that it is wholly absorbed in the process of "harassment"
You, then you may want to turn to "presledovatelnitse" face and a wink
buying at this time lottery ticket or betting on some kind of "bold
Lightning "(which the cashier said one hundred percent of future race winner).
Until recently, the option of contact with financial institutions on
a loan or credit has been one of the most popular among the population.
But now the situation has changed, and not in favor of borrowers. Get today
a bank loan at a more or less significant amount - this is something from the field
fiction. If there is a pair of banks are ready to "help" with the money,
it is likely, in reading the conditions of the loan contract you have to run through the body
mild tremor. But maybe not so bad, and if they need money very much,
and take them nowhere else, you should go to the bank. For example, "VTB Bank opens
owners of payroll cards bank credit lines with a grace period of payment
percent. At maturity, the debt on the credit card within 45 days
since the first expenditures, interest on the loan is not calculated.
One of the features using a credit card VTB Bank - no need
repay the entire debt at once. A monthly until the 15th to make
the credit card the amount of the minimum payment on the actual debt
Credit card and interest on the loan for the previous
month. Repay the credit limit is possible due payable
wages, by transferring funds from a payment card, open to VTB
Bank, ATM, by adding cash to the card over the counter
VTB "- told the Tristar to the press service of VTB Bank. And if so -
feel like brand new car, you still have banks that agreed to give
loan for its purchase. "As of today, our bank can get credit for
buy new cars. Loans are available only in the national
Ukrainian currency. Lodging can be in units that are on the street. Gorky
97 and on the street. Gnat Yura 7 in the city of Kiev, and in any department of the city
Khmelnitsky. Also, in those offices is a pilot project for the new
order of consideration of loan applications. Loan terms: term - up to 5
years, the interest rate - 30% per annum, the minimum initial contribution -
30% "- encouraged by Francois Benaroya, Head of Retail Banking JSCIB" UkrSibbank ".
An alternative to banking institutions can be fully considered credit unions
(COP), or also, consumer unions. As their term, there is a possibility
have many advantages related to loans and credits. But this, unfortunately,
does not apply to today's prevailing in the country, the economic situation.
After several telephone calls credit unions, we learned that the current business
The situation of these organizations so that they are lending services at the moment
does not provide, and some have on the brink of closure. And on
question about a possible date of resumption of services of interest to us
majority responded that any - is unknown. The representative of the COP, "Fortress"
pleased that, perhaps, their organization will resume lending
This month (March) and will provide loans of up to 50 ths. Not
should be excluded from potential sources of lending and pawn shops. Himself
on its own pawn - is a credit institution lend money on chattel
property. Therefore, having to have at least something of value,
without the loan you just will not stay turned to this creditor. Representative
Lombard company "Ukraine", which is known under the trademark Mortgage
Bank, for example, said in a telephone conversation that the maximum amount
loans in their organization today is limited to the figure of 20 thousand UAH.
But representatives of the pawnshop "Skarbnitsya" said their clients are
not limited in the amounts of credit, especially with regard to precious
metals and household appliances. If you are not interested in any of
these "sources of credit," You are free to connect
to the process of finding the right capital (whomever or whatever you think?) its
fantasy. Maybe once upon a time in the "granary" of the consciousness you
reliably hid a talent, which at that stage of life was considered quite
unnecessary and not relevant. It is quite likely that it was now you
creative "finest hour". What is the likelihood that you will not open
famous talent Leonardo da Vinci and Botticelli, Montserrat Caballe, or
Anna German (the singer)? No matter what it is talent - he is in any case
will be unique. Because each person is unique in its own way. Where, in what would
places and no matter what way you do it in search of money, it is important to remember that
always need to weigh the pros and cons (slowly), double-check what
what is in doubt, believe the best and remain human. Especially if
requested a loan sought is for you.

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