Forbes magazine has made ​​a rating of 2000 largest companies in the world . Ukrainian
business left out of the study.

In 2000 Forbes-rating this year were companies from 62 countries worldwide. At
This company is one in four in this list - American. In compiling
Expert rating equal consideration the company's profits from sales
net income, assets and market capitalization.
The most expensive this year found oil giant ExxonMobil. Its market
cost was estimated at 335, five billion dollars. A year earlier, the capitalization
This company was at 130 billion higher. In general, the total value in 2000
the largest companies in the world is 20 trillion dollars. Overall
started last year, the crisis significantly cut the financial performance
all companies. But the most affected the banking sector. As a result, financial institutions
gave way to the top position in the ranking of oil and gas and telecommunications
companies. The most successful last year, according to experts Forbes,
was for pharmaceutical companies. Sales volumes in terms of money in
They rose by 59%. Excessive profits received as telecommunications companies.
Their profitability has increased by 51%. However, the Ukrainian business
There was no place in the list of 2000 largest corporations in the world. It is quite
strange, because in the ranking of a company with a market capitalization of 10 million
dollars. Some experts argue that domestic business is not enough public,
to participate in this ranking. Thus, an analyst at investment firm
"Astrum" Sergey Fursa explains that the market capitalization of corporations is calculated
on its stock exchange quotations. At the same time, the largest Ukrainian
Corporation - "SCM" Rinat Akhmetov, "Interpipe" Viktor Pinchuk, and
companies within the group "Privat" Igor Kolomoisky - have not performed
IPO IPO. According to experts, the only candidate
to rank in this case could have been with the company, Konstantin Zhevago
Ferrexpo, whose shares are traded on the London Stock Exchange. Thus, the net profit
last year increased by 133% to 313 million dollars, and
market capitalization - 550 million hryvnia. "The problem is that
none of the Ukrainian company has not completed its audit of the results of 2008. In
average, these data appear to May-June, "- adds Fursa. Analyst
investment company "Dragon Capital" Sergei Hyde admits that
sales and assets in the list in 2000 could be submitted to the state
company "Naftogaz", "Ukrtelecom" and "Ukrzaliznytsya". At the same time
Forbes lit a study of 30 Russian companies at once. Thus, the company
"Gazprom" hit the top twenty overall rating and fifty of the largest
companies by market capitalization. In 2008, the company's value was
74, 6 billion. In addition, a rating of 3 Russian banks - "Savings"
"VTB Bank" and "Mosgorbank." In this state, "Sberbank of Russia" has got
172 place. This year the cost was estimated at 8, 6 billion.
Company of the banking sector - the most numerous in the ranking of Forbes-2000.
Them in the list 307. The second largest - oil and gas sector (126 companies).
In addition to the U.S. (551 enterprises), in fresh fall rating: 91 companies
from China, 61 - from Korea, as well as 47 Indian companies.

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