The World Bank has identified a list of conditions that must fulfill Ukraine
to obtain a loan of $ 750 million to support the financial sector. that
state budget in May received the first tranche is to improve the procedures
liquidation and recapitalization of banks, as well as to reform the system of state guarantees

According to the World Bank, established in the Treasury Department
to recapitalize the banks must also deal with the liquidation of bad assets,
the sale of banks after their recovery and work to improve
procedures for liquidation of banks. The World Bank also believes that the powers
NBU liquidation of banks should be transferred to the Deposit Guarantee Fund
individuals (FGVFL) until January 2010, writes Kommersant-Ukraine. Among
conditions of the loan: the introduction of a comprehensive program of recapitalization
banks, accessible only to banks that are able to conduct effective business
activities, as well as consolidation of a viable banking groups
by improving the system of bank liquidation. "The point is that
Fund (the Fund Deposit Guarantee) will be given additional
authority and will be proactive, not passive, it is now.
The fund will be able to provide financial support banks if needed.
In providing such support, it will be empowered Administration
and liquidation procedures, "- said the director of management of the NBU in the banking
Supervision, the head of the administrative council FGVFL Vasily Pasichnyk. According to him,
for these initiatives will finalize the bill NBU deputy Yuri
Voropayev in accordance with "current realities". At the same time, Board Member
NBU, MP Vasyl Horbal confident that parliament will not be able to vote
for this reorganization. "As soon as the Verkhovna Rada will be considered
this issue, MPs will drop again to the issue of money back to investors,
and effectiveness of the fund, and far away from the topic and not solving the problem. I think
that this is one of the questions that could be withdrawn in the negotiation process with
World Bank. Similarly, at the very beginning of negotiations with the IMF, we talked
the impossibility of the budget deficit, and then the arguments of Ukraine adopted "
- He explained.

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