In Kiev, legalized violation of the Rules of the road: now official
Parking is allowed near the crossroads, visits with courtyards and pedestrian crossings.

The relevant concept of "continuous parking spaces" has been developed
Late last year, KP "Kievtransparkservis." Last week it agreed
Department of STI of MIA. According to the introduced changes to park
car in Kiev can be only two meters from the pedestrian crossing. But
traffic rules, parking will be available only in 10 meters. Concept
also suggest parking at 20 meters from public transport
(On the SDA, this distance should correspond to 30m). Also, park the car
can be 25m from the railway crossing (under the SDA - at least 50 m).
VGAI explained that these changes apply only to the normative range
of these road sections, that is, to a pedestrian crossing, stop
Public Transport or leaving the gas station is still prohibited
stop closer than indicated in the PDD, but after - there may be exceptions.
KP "Kyivpastrans" confident that improvements will improve road
situation in the capital as well as in the city center is not enough parking spaces,
and the proposed concept, though violating traffic rules, but
allows you to increase parking space for 4 thousand people. Together
so, independent experts say that the local authority and violates the MVD
current legislation, as approved by the Rules of the Road
Resolution of the Cabinet and has supreme legal force as compared to the orders
and coordination of the Ministry of the Interior, and especially when compared to
regulations of local governments.

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