In recent years, car sales fell heavily and dealers
run various discount programs and arrange discounts to
somehow stimulate demand.

But as it turns out, are far more important to buyers final cost
machine than the discount rate. According to forecasts of the research agency
R.L. Polk \u0026 Co in the world this year will be provided at least 57 million passenger
auto, which is 13% less than for 2008 in U.S. sales slipped by
19% in Europe - 12% in Asia (excluding Japan) - 6, and 8%.
In Ukraine, in January of this year's auto market in value terms declined
by 55% year on year in February - almost 80%. According to preliminary data,
January-March sales fell by 67% - by year-end dealers expect
sell no more than 150-170 thousand cars. This is 70 - 75% less than in the past
, when it was sold over 620 thousand new cars. Formula survival
The main reason for falling sales - loss of purchasing power
consumers and the suspension of bank auto loans. And that somehow
stimulate sales, autocompanies at the end of last year have begun to reduce
prices. Many automakers offer "pocket" financial structure:
For example, some companies offer their cars in the loan 5-15%
per annum in local currency. Geely automobile can be purchased under
5% annual in grivna, and the "Reno-Ukraine" since February 2009, new SUV
Renault Koleos can be purchased on a credit program with an interest rate
0%. Nevertheless, the percentage of purchases on credit had fallen to almost zero, while sales
New cars are many dealers have decreased by 5-7 times. Large
discounts and discount programs, as it turned out, do not guarantee high today
sales. It seems that this year for potential buyers is much more important end
cost of the machine, rather than the discount rate. For example, the first two months of
All the popular brands that fall in the top 10 on the number of sold cars
sales increased only in the Chinese Geely - almost 20% compared to the same
period last year. The secret of popularity - the price. Budget sedans Ukrainian
assembly stand of 52, 5 thousand UAH. And, for example, demand for Mitsubishi, according to some
data, although discounts of up to 20%, fell more than 3 times. That in general
it is not surprising: the cost of much more prestigious Lancer - even with discounts
- Starts at $ 15, 4 th (118, 6 thousand USD at the rate of NBU). Economy expansion
In 2009, sales will surely lead car economy class.
For example, the most popular brands of the company and sold "AIS" -
Korean SsangYong SUVs and passenger cars Geely. In 2008, sales
SsangYong rose more than 2 times - up to 4410 cars. Sales of Geely
last year increased by 209, 9%, exceeding 14 thousand cars. Despite
on an active expansion of Chinese and Korean cars in January-February
year among all the brands represented in the Ukraine were in the lead car Lada
- Sold more than 7 thousand units (approximately 22% of total sales), according to the Auto-Sonsulting.
The second, third and fourth places in the ranking took Korean Hyundai
and China's Chery and Geely. But they are even in terms of total sales could not
ahead of the Russian cars - they accounted for only 18% of the market. However,
the market there is no consensus on how to change the alignment of forces may
among the major brands represented in the Ukrainian car market. Some
experts, for example, believe that because of the introduction of an additional 13%
duties on imported cars will be in pole position sellers
domestic and Russian cars (exempted from duties), accounting
which now accounts for more than a quarter autosales. But importers, most
of which now sell cars imported to raise import duties
in the near future will have to significantly reduce the supply or significantly
raise prices. Others, however, believe the increase in import duties
should not have a significant impact on prices and not lead to a redistribution of
market, as introduced only six months, and that is far more
impact on the automotive market have foreign exchange fluctuations and the reluctance
customers to spend money in turbulent times.

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