Insurance companies raise rates for comprehensive insurance for individual car brands .

After indiscriminate price increases on the hull in the October-February, the insurers again
began to increase its tariffs in March-April, the average of the market they have grown
another 10-15%. However, not all cars, but only for certain
brands. Most affected owners of Japanese cars, as well as inexpensive
cost machines. So much so, that the SC began to form a kind of
blacklists of cars, which are now exhibited high rates of hull:
this machine, often falling into an accident or stolen by criminals.
The only reason for the current tariff increase - a change of methods
their calculations on the hull. Until now, one of the main criteria in determining
value of the policy was the price of the vehicle the more expensive the car, the
it is higher. Now, increasingly scrutinize SC to make and even model cars.
"We have carried out the calculation of tariffs, starting from the model of the car, rather than
of its value "- confirmed the general manager of the underwriting department
and the methodology of "insurance company" Universal "Sergei Palamarchuk.
"We now have a revision of tariffs, and we're going to pay attention
models of cars, "- added its director of sales organization SC
"Orans" Igor load. Recent studies of insurance companies
showed that the extent of damage to different vehicles as a result of a
and the same insured event is directly dependent on the design features
specific brands and models of cars, not their value. As a result of impact
equal force powerful SUV gets only trivial dents, but fragile
Chinese-made car would require major repairs. Based on
from this, even SC formed a sort of black list brands serviceable
after an accident results in an increased cost. The second reason for revising
cost of comprehensive insurance - it's high accident rate of certain brands of cars. In
height of the crisis financiers who last year could not afford
large errors were carefully calculating who most often gets
in the accident. "In the list of" emergency "in our company were mostly machines
fiscal or business class: Chevrolet (Aveo, Lacetti), Toyota (Land Cruiser,
Prado, Camry, Corolla, Auris), Volkswagen (Passat, Golf, Jetta), Hyundai
(Sonata, Elantra, SantaFe, Getz), Honda (Accord, Civic), Skoda (Octavia,
Fabia, A5) and Mazda (SH7, 3, 6) ", - said Head of the Department of Control and
Claims ASA "INGO Ukraine" Alexander Rulikovsky.
In SC, working with auto collateral, the picture looks different. "For example, statistics
Our evidence that most often get into accidents, "GAB"
"VAZВ», Daewoo Lanos, В«Tavria", "Slavuta" and Chevrolet Aveo В», - said Deputy
Chairman of the SC "Brokbiznes" Marina Onopriychuk. Under the guise of
review procedures, insurers have begun to raise tariffs on hull and machinery,
repairs have recently been particularly active on expensive brand-name
SRT: primarily due to rising prices for spare parts after the price increase dollar
and the euro. List of most expensive for insurers have traditionally led
Luxury Cars: Porsche, Jaguar, Land Rover, Maserati, etc.
"It is also possible to identify some models Hyundai, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen,
Mazda, Honda and KIA. Prices of spare parts at their authorized dealers in the capital
over the last three or four months increased by 10-45% and even 60%. At the same time authorized
services often try to make all means available. For example,
impose clients and SK repair work, which is not always a necessity "
- Said Mr. Rulikovsky. "In our company last year on the average size
loss were the leaders Nissan, BMW, Lexus, Mercedes, Toyota, Subaru, Mazda, Peugeot,
Honda and Audi. This is due to the high cost of repairs. But the most expensive
cost repair all makes of Japanese cars such as Toyota, Mitsubishi,
Honda, Subaru and Nissan В», - added the head of the motor colleague
Insurance Insurance Company "Ukrainian Insurance Group," Vadim Alekseenko. More
one category of vehicles that do not like insurance companies,
- The most frequently stolen cars. Rating favorite brands criminals
and models of the company is updated annually. "This year there is a tendency
on Japanese-made car theft - Lexus, Toyota and Honda. In
2007-2008, the leaders of German machines were, as a rule, the model Volkswagen В»,
- Said Mr. Rulikovsky. Still popular with cybercriminals
are mass segment cars such as Daewoo. Typically, they steal
only in order to disassemble the parts for which demand is stable high.
However, the insurers promise not to raise tariffs on cars that use
very popular with car thieves, but only a limited tightening of the terms of contracts.
"When insuring such vehicles do not offer packages with a deductible for hijacking
to 0% while the drivers of other brands can take advantage of this service, "
- Said Mr. Alekseenko. Size of price increase of the same brand
and models of cars can be very different: it depends on the statistics
accidents each individual company. And because insurers are advised to
drivers before buying the policy rates in the different study IC, in fact increase
rates this spring, can reach 30%. "Here are the most significant
example: one of the emergency vehicles in our company - this Mitsubishi
Lancer. The cost of warranty repairs on this model, one station
the highest: the average loss of up to 11.10 ths. Therefore, at relatively
low price car fare for him to be more than 10% of its value.
In comparison, for the Skoda Octavia with equal amount of insurance he
around 7% ", - said Head of Transport underwriting ASA
"INGO Ukraine" Olga Pogorelaya. Although in most cases, prices
Casco fluctuate less than the wide corridor. "In our company's basic rates
Japanese cars for only 5-15% higher than the average for European brands
class ", - added her department head of voluntary motor insurance
Risk Insurance "Providna" Yuri Fidasyuk. According to the financiers, the current rise
prices will not campaign for higher prices, calculated for a few months
as usual. Insurers promise to make the price increase permanent Casco
process: prices will be reviewed by an increase in accidents
and value of the SRT.

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