At first glance , ventilation cottage not so important as in urban
apartment. It is very important appointment cottage.

If a vacation home used only as a summer residence, lack of ventilation
perceived only as a temporary inconvenience. In the same case, if you live
in his own home, in fact, your household spend considerable home
of the time, ventilation is really needed. The regeneration of the ventilation
important to understand that the ventilation system in a city apartment and a cottage
designed to perform not quite the same thing. In a city apartment home
function of the ventilation system - the most clear and apply to the premises of the street
air. The cottage is the actual - to keep the peace, which gives
country house. The main differences begin to radically different environments of the two
- City noisy and dusty street and pure natural air and natural
the same silence. If in a city apartment about 20 dB noise is almost not felt,
then to nature, it would be annoying. With regard to air, outside the city is required
only a rough cleaning of dust and fluff. Hence the structural differences. Not
big air is so important, as the absence of noise and a reliable interaction
with local utilities. Heater in the ventilation system
cottage necessarily connected to a dedicated circuit of the boiler heating system.
Thermal balance of the house must be calculated taking into account the amount of heat given out
supply air. Duct system includes a muffler,
absorbing part of the noise from fans. As for the fans
as the main sources of noise, they are matched in performance soundproof
and the most reliable brands. Duct system shall be calculated in such a way
to air flow rate was minimal. Firstly, in order to
he flow of air, faced with the elements vozduhoprovodnoy network, not create
noises and whistles, and secondly, to improve the efficiency silencers. Ventilation
cottage includes a heater channel often
water heater with its own node management. This is because
that in most suburban homes have hot water from a gas boiler.
This heating is undoubtedly the most economical. With regard to the apartment where
just something you need three to five kilowatts of heat, there is much more profitable to use
electric heater.

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