Repair of the room should begin with understanding of its future destination. type
repaired the room defines the essence of planned work on the stage of development
design project. An experienced designer will be able to always emphasize the dignity of repaired
the room, hide possible defects.

Repair even a single room - not the most pleasant in the world process at time
transform it into the room, as a rule, unsuitable for human habitation. Any customer
prefer to repair the room as quickly as possible, of course,
without loss of quality repairs. Highly qualified specialists of our company guarantees
high-quality repair of any room, quickly and reliably. We will try
to make repairs from the room boring and dirty classes at the festival
technology and design. Consider the main types of repair room and give
general recommendations for planning and decorating. Repair of the living room
(Hall) If the office - the person of the firm, living room, without a doubt,
hallmark of your home. In it you meet friends, take
visitors. Semi-dark room and uncomfortable will inevitably remain in the memory
all come, leaving a bad impression from the visit, no matter how hospitable
You were not the owner. Living room should combine their design comfort, warmth
home and comfort. Anyone who came again, whether he is an old friend
or family member should feel that he was waiting for him and happy. In many
homes and living room are combined in one room. Hall - a place where family
spends the most time together. Believe me, the great hall-repair
Rooms must be reflected in your relationships with your family. These effects
can be achieved only if the full range of repair
rooms, conducted by our firm. An experienced designer does not just think through
layout and decoration, but also carry out supervision over the performance of work
and implementation of the project developed during the repair room. Repair bedroom
From room renovation bedroom, one should remember that a bedroom -
this is primarily a place for rest and recuperation. Modern man
holds in the bedroom does not have much time, so it is important that
all the conditions for the most complete recreation of the body. Young Family
can experiment with finishes and design in making repairs
bedroom, that would make the novelty and freshness in relationships. But be careful
and advice from the designer - all very individual, someone gentle light
night-light, lightness and transparency, someone - an unexpected bright colors and more
interior elements, such as luxury blankets or mirror system. Sets out
repair bedroom, try to make it entirely appropriate to your tastes
and needs and able to fully relax after a busy
days. Repair children's room It's time to show their full imagination
and originality in the repair and subsequent finishing a child's room is really
is, where carousing. Do not forget, who will be living in the room after the repair.
Be sure to listen to the wishes and opinion of the child, regardless
of age. When preparing to repair a child's room, take into account
sex, age, hobbies and small tenant. If several children share a room
among themselves, try to arrange different parts of the rooms in different styles.
Remember - the children's world is no place for normality and mediation. Design
furniture and fancy wallpaper leave for the repair of the other rooms. In a country childhood
are quite different laws and regulations.

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