Why sills ? One interior window sills are used as
tables and become the size of a tabletop. In another room , window sill
plays the role of the cabinet. Under it fits a small chest or box.

You can still see the library, the window sill. Under the window sill are fastened
bookshelves. In place of literary works may be, and home
flowers. In larger homes set the window sill, fireplace. Under the window sill
electrical plugs or "live fire". However, interestingly different. As far as
suitable for this plastic window sills? A plastic window sills
innovation, which won almost since the advent of. Parapet
boards of rigid PVC of high quality with a special coating of fusible
film quickly gained popularity. Wood products are left behind.
What is so pleasant pleased consumers? Advantages of plastic window sills
The houses and apartments are increasingly found plastic window sills, which
replace wooden ones. They have a lot of positive qualities, which explains
choice of so many people. * Plastic sills do not allow
cold air to get inside. On the other hand, they prevent
care of heat from the inside. * Plastic windowsills this decoration. They
Pets can be arranged flowers, souvenirs and other decorative elements. * Plastic
sills have a comfortable design. They do not interfere with the repair of windows,
when removing the curtains at the open window, in window-cleaning and other works.
* Plastic windowsills can smooth out the difference between the glass
and thick walls, so the window space looks more than cute.
Interior designers know this and often use PVC window sills. *
Plastic window sills practical. They do not fade in the sun, do not change
form and does not absorb water. PVC window sills do not burn and do not emit harmful
toxic substances into the air. * Plastic sills come in different colors,
but they look equally good. There are natural products under
stone. In the manufacture of PVC window sill, outer product is covered by
paint. It bears a picture or pattern. Next, use another
layer of varnish or a special coating that prevents the effects of solar
rays and moisture. Thus, the image on the plastic window sills get
maximum protection. * Plastic window sills are of different sizes.
There are products of different lengths and widths. Select the desired window sill
PVC is not difficult. * Plastic window sills are made of dense
material. It contains no voids, which can accumulate harmful microbes,
fungus. It talks about environmental products. * Plastic window sills
easy to clean. For them, any suitable detergents. The main thing is that in
gel or liquid was not abrasive. * Plastic window sills are not
scratched. They do not need to re-paint over what - at the time. Plastic
sills are selected under the profile window. Rama and Stool look
very harmonious way, if they are made in one color. Thereafter
master cut product size. Usually, he does it or saw
electric jigsaw. Further, the external side of the window sill PVC closed
decorative caps. Design is fixed with screws and metal
supports. Of all the stages of the most important one is cutting. It must comply with
professionals to the individual dimensions of the window opening and profile.

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