Schedule : from 10.00 to 16.30 ( with a break for lunch and coffee break )

Program: 1. The internal organizational and administrative documents
companies - internal regulations;
- Collective agreement - Officers
instructions - Instructions for safety and fire
Protection - The use of economic and civil codes
in personnel work - staffing. The procedure for compiling
and changes in staffing, common mistakes - Introduction
workers with a normative - legal documents of the enterprise in accordance
with the demand of labor laws. 2. Recruitment
- Passage of a job by some check-up
categories of workers. The refusal of the employee to undergo a medical examination compulsory;
- Unreasonable refusal to hire - Conclusion
labor agreement (contract). Terms, conditions and application procedure. Features
open-ended and fixed-term contracts. Renewal of temporary employment
contract; - Features conclusion with employees working
contract. Recognition of the contract concluded with the employee against the law;
- The period of probation. The procedure for setting time tests
its extension and reflection period of testing in personnel documents - Categories
employees are not subject to a probationary period -
Features of hiring young workers - Laying
on the duties of an employee not covered by the employment contract;
3 Translations and movement - translation difference
of movement - labor law requirements
to order the transfer of registration - temporary and permanent
transfer of workers. The presence of the translation of essential changes in the conditions
Labour 4. Pluralism and overlapping jobs. Internal and external
part-. - Requirements for registration of part-order
(Internal and external) - Re-registration of part-time
key employees and key employees part-renewal;
- The difference between the combination of part-time jobs -
The requirements and procedure for issuance of matching trades;
- Procedure for employees part-annual
major and minor holidays - Separation of the annual
leave the main part, the transfer of leave for another time - Payment
compensation for unused vacation or leave of part-time;
5. Termination of employment contract - Types
termination of employment contract - special order cancellation
employment agreement in connection with the liquidation of the organization, downsizing
or state (time, additional safeguards) - Features
2009 to terminate the employment contracts - Ability to terminate
employment contract without giving rise to a labor dispute or court proceedings;
6. Typical mistakes made by employers at the reception, translation,
dismissal of employees Speaker: Zabolotnaya Svetlana Petrovna
- Consultant, personnel records and labor relations. Expert
to conduct personnel audit in the enterprise, a business coach. Developer
methodology of the staff audit for enterprises of all ownership forms,
author of a series of manuals "in aid of the personnel department employee."
Organizational matters: Venue: Training Centre of Kiev
Chamber of Commerce Address: Kiev, ul.Bogdana Khmelnytsky
55 (m University), 7th Floor Fee: 890 USD. (VAT-one
tax) The price includes: - informatsionno-konsyltatsionnoe
obslyzhivanie - metodicheskoe posobie - kofe-break,
obed - stationery - Certificate
of professional development workshops on the topic. Discounts: - at
participation of two members - 5% - with the participation of three of you pay for
two and a third party - for free - when registering 4 or more participants
- 1 is free of charge + 10% discount on the total amount of payment. Help and
Registration of participants by phone: 8 (044) 501 01 94

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