During the past year and a half the price of housing rose faster Bulgarian
at a rate that decreased slightly with the onset of global economic
crisis. However, the real estate market in Bulgaria in general and in particular Sofia
suffered less than others .

City in the mountains of Bulgaria's capital Sofia became in 1879 after the liberation
from the Turkish yoke. However, its history, the city says the past five or even seven
thousands of years and is considered one of the oldest in Europe. Sofia - the only
megacities in Bulgaria and one of the largest cities in the Balkan Peninsula.
"It grows but does not get old" - exactly the phrase inscribed on the emblem of Sofia. Together
with the cities of Banks, Novi Iskar and other localities Sofia forms
separate administrative unit. The city is divided into seven districts. Layout
center radial-circular (familiar to Muscovites), and sleeping areas
- Rectangular. Sofia is located in the Sofia basin at an altitude of 530-650
m above sea level. Capital from all sides surrounded by mountains, the highest
of them - Vitosha, which turned into a national park. Nearby is the
Pancharevskoe lake and reservoir Iskar. At the outskirts of the river
Iskar, and through the city - a few small rivers. Hagia Sophia
and other symbols of a visiting card of the city is the Cathedral of Alexander
Nevsky - the largest Orthodox church in the Balkans, which was built as a sign of
gratitude to the Bulgarian people 200 thousand Russian soldiers killed in
the Russian-Turkish war. This magnificent structure has 12 domes,
can accommodate five thousand people and reaches 53 m in height. The square is adjacent
Hagia Sophia, which gave the city its name. During its long history, and built
He was still in VI-VII centuries., shrine several times destroyed and rebuilt. On
the main square is the building of the library name of Cyril and Methodius, the largest
Bulgarian library, numbering more than 1,800 manuscripts and incunabula
books. And at the center in the hotel "Sheraton", is a well-preserved
historic monument - the rotunda of St. George, built as it is assumed
in II-III century. Mr. Oe. The building was reconstructed several times, it even changed the appointment.
Here was a mausoleum, a bath later, a baptistery, a mosque, a church now ...
rotunda restored in the form in which it was known in the V. In those
times it was used as a Christian church. Ottoman rule
left a certain mark on the architecture of religious buildings of Sofia.
Christian churches were built in the form of inconspicuous buildings with no domes and towers.
Illustrative example - three surviving church in Sofia XV-XVI centuries. - Holy
Petka, St. Paraskeva Samardzhiyskoy and St. Nicholas. There is in Sofia
and the Russian Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas, as well as three Muslim
mosque. The busiest streets of the capital is the Vitosha Blvd. It is the largest
commercial street, most of which turned into a pedestrian zone. Here
There are numerous shops, banks, cafes and bars. One of the main
cultural and historical sites in Bulgaria - Boyana Church
- Included in the UNESCO World Culture Heritage number. Cultural
and scientific center of the country capital of Bulgaria Sofia - the main political
economic, scientific and cultural center. There are about 20 higher education
institutions, the University named after Clement of Ohrid and the Bulgarian State
conservatory. The city has over 100 research
institutions, about 10 centers for science and training, Bulgarian Academy of
Science. The largest library in the country located in the capital: library
Academy of Sciences, the National Library named after Cyril and Methodius, Sofia library
University. There are more than 20 museums and galleries, theaters and concert
rooms. Sofia is surrounded by a more than 400 gardens, parks, boulevards. They are more
400. The main types of real estate in Sofia in Sofia can be bought
any real estate: apartments, hotels and private households, land
areas, non-residential premises. Apartments are sold at various stages of readiness
home: the initial phase of construction, with a fully completed, furnished
etc. The prices are highly dependent on the location. Modern
property in Bulgaria is a four-storey building with an interesting
architecture, large windows and balconies, designed for 10-15 families.
In the market there are suggestions in the apartment complexes where there are
pool, restaurant, point guards, office services, parking, etc. Some
home living area of ​​120 square meters. m sold with land area
400-1000 square meters. m. We buy real estate in Sofia Legislation
authorizes purchase apartments to foreign persons (natural or legal).
And at the apartment, you can register a company and use the premises
as an office. Foreigners, apartment owners have the same rights as
and Bulgarians, including the right to lease housing for rent. Along with the apartments
issued and part of a plot of land, located under the house, usually between 0 and 3
up to 5 kV. m. However, if the Bulgarians could become its owners, the non-resident
sell the land is prohibited. However, we can conclude a lease agreement for a long
period, and the payment amounts are usually low. Minimum rental period
part of four years, the maximum is unlimited. Foreign
company with Bulgarian participation, then there is one in which at least 1% of the capital belongs to
citizens or legal entities in Bulgaria, can buy land and forests. This
the same law firm and is registered in Bulgaria, but has a list of
founders only foreign individuals or legal entities. Before committing
transactions represent a notary certificate (statement) from the state
register of real estate that there is no encumbrance of the object that is
on its purity. It also confirms the identity of the object a particular person
- The seller. After signing the document by both parties and assured them
signatures of the notary is a notarial act to the district court. So-called
judge makes a fitting in a change of circumstances to object to the state
register of real estate. No less important instrument of state
valuation of the object. His issue of the territorial tax office. Price
sale of the object required in the notary's act can not be lower than estimated.
Based on the sales price is determined by the size of the state fee and a transaction value
amount of notarial fees. In total, they represent about 4%. On
Bulgarian law deals with real estate are issued only in
countries in the presence of the purchaser or the trustee. Usually, the period between
signing the preliminary contract (advance payment) and the final
the deal (paying the full amount) is about a month. In Sofia
You can purchase a house with a mortgage loan. However, due to
with the crisis this process, as in Russia, much more complicated. Credit
available in U.S. dollars or euros for a period of 5 to 25 years. Interest
rate is 6-7%, the amount of credit varies from 20 thousand
up to 200 thousand euros. The minimum value of the initial contribution - 30% of the appraised
value of the apartment. Credit is issued to persons whose annual income is at least
30 thousand euros. Payment schemes when buying a property acquisition facility
during the construction cost by 25-30% cheaper than after commissioning.
Payment plan is established developer in each case,
but basically it looks like. 1. Reservation - 1000-1500
Euro. 2. Signing the preliminary contract - it defines the terms and
amount of payments (usually 30% after signing preliminary contract
40% when you are ready for final finishing facility, 30% at registration of a notarial
act). 3. Registration of a notarial deed, which in Bulgaria is of title
document for the property. Readiness of the object set
special documents (acts). Act 14 is the first level of control
construction work and qualifies as a stage "rough construction".
This document is important because of its receipt, ownership
individual objects in the building already the subject of administrative transactions.
The next step - Act 15. It certifies that the building has been completed
and the work carried out in accordance with the approved projects. Act 16 - a "resolution
the operation "of the building, that is, after receiving it in the house habitable.
For information on whether to allow operation of the building, gives the District Department
building control or the seller of the object. Taxes on real estate
Owners of real estate within two months from the date of purchase or
completion of the facility must submit a declaration to the municipality.
It gives a detailed description of the property: a year of construction, building
materials, features, size, number of storeys, the purchase price
etc. Foreign individuals must also register with the Bulstat
(Bulgarian Statistics Institute). Buying real estate is taxed
tax. In determining its value taken as a basis after assessing the amount of
property at the time of its renewal. At the 2009 Sofia municipality has established
tax on the purchase of property for compensation method at 2, 5%. There
and an annual tax on real estate. They are subject to all real
property, except forests and cultivated agricultural land.
The taxable base for companies is the book value of property
for individuals - the price of an object defined by the territorial tax service.
For the primary residence tax is charged at 50% discount. The entire amount of tax
intended to be paid, is divided into four equal parts. Owners
who contribute the full amount of tax for the year up front for the first deadline
making payments, a discount of 5%. In Bulgaria, the owners
Property cover costs associated with removal of household waste. Size
amount set by local authorities: for residential buildings - in proportion to the balance sheet
cost, or depending on the amount of waste to non-residential buildings -
depending on the type and number of containers for waste collection. Money
need to make together with payment of tax on real estate.
In 2009 for the municipal council of Sofia real estate tax
and fee for removal of household waste for individuals was 0, 16%. For
entities property tax - 0, 18%, and the fee for removal of household waste
- 0, 12%. In modern residential complexes there is fee for service
Services - services to protect, clean-up work on the landscaping,
pool maintenance, etc. The fee is charged to 1 kV. m apartment per year
and can range from 5 to 15 euros. Residence permit visa for short-term
Accommodation in Bulgaria for foreigners are issued for up to 90 days
entry. Long-term stay maybe up to one year
or permanently - with no stated maturity. Permission for a long
residence may receive the foreigners who work, carry trade
activities, are trained in Bulgaria, invest in its economy, as well as
family members of an alien who has received a permit for continuous stay.
With a residence permit for at least five years, it is possible to get
permanent residence (permanent residence). Term of consideration of applications for
Permanent residence is three to four months. After five years of residence in the status of permanent residence
(Permanent residence status is given indefinitely, but the duration of the passport) can be
apply for citizenship (please note that the law requires
renounce previous citizenship.) Property owners in Bulgaria
having the title deed of the property, and their closest relatives are
eligible for a multiple entry visa with a total duration of stay in the country
for 180 days per year: every six months to 90 days. The owners also
can apply for and assure the consulate of Bulgaria declaration of invitation
to any person. Property prices in Sofia Until recently most
funds invest in Bulgarian property Britons, Germans and Scandinavians,
investment and the Russians were only one-fifth of all investments. But
with the beginning of the crisis in the U.S. capital injections from there and from Western Europe
decreased. Now the main buyers were Russians and citizens of
Baltic republics. The most interesting in terms of investment
the country's capital Sofia, which has been actively building a business,
and residential complexes. Nevertheless, strong demand and persistent deficits
suggestions have led to house prices in Sofia are quite high (on
Bulgarian standards). In 2009, some developers have faced in Sofia
with the tightening of lending conditions, forcing them to offer customers
tangible discounts - up to 15% of the purchase price, interest-free installment plan and
leasing schemes. Prices for apartments in Sofia as at March 2009
starting from 670 euro / sq. m and reach up to 4600 euro / sq. m in the most expensive
apartments. The average price on the market - 900-1200 EUR / sq.m. meters can be purchased
and the house. It will cost 80 thousand euros (quarters Krasna Polyana, Buckston,
Hristo Botev Orlandovtsi) to 1, 2 million euros (districts of Lozenets, Iztok, Center).
Rental rates for apartments in Sofia are 250-1000 euros per month depending on
the area and the number of rooms. Sale and rent an apartment in Sofia: the price
in I quarter 2009 Number of rooms in the apartment 1 room 2 rooms
3 rooms 4 rooms More than 4 rooms 2-bedrooms SALES Average
Price (euro) 56 700 77 700 120 600 189 100 257 200 201 000 Minimum Price
(Euro) 31 850 (Quarter Levski-G) 46 270 (quarter Triglnika) 59 840 (quarter
Obelya) 80 320 (quarter Obelya-2) 78 000 (quarter Ovchakupel-2) 63 220 (quarter
Obelya) Maximum price (Euro) 130 760 (Gotse Delchev quarter) 170 940
(Quarter Motopista) 390 900 (Motopista quarter) 404 330 (Ivan Vazov quarter)
000? 636 (Bulgaria Boulevard) 591 630 (Ivan Vazov quarter) RENT Average price
(Euro / month.) 286 430 865 1151 1229 1107 Minimum price (€ / month.) 20 (quarters
Mladost-1, Levski-G, Orlandovtsi) 200 (quarter Tolstoy) 245 (quarter Triglnika)
400 (quarter Ovcha kupel-2) 500 (quarter Ovcha kupel) 400 (quarter Ovcha kupel-2)
Maximum price (€ / month.) 650 (Ivan Vazov quarter) 1950 (Boyana Quarter
and Cinema) 2500 (Boyana Quarter and Cinema) 3500 (Iztok quarter) 3750
(Iztok quarter) 3750 (Iztok quarter)

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