U.S. experts have compiled a list of the safest tourist destinations.
Leaders were rated Switzerland , New Zealand and Singapore . g

In the safety study of tourist destinations experts had studied
large number of reports the U.S. State Department fixed the crime
against U.S. citizens abroad. These data were added, and the results
Research the United Nations, who has studied the geography of global crime and these results
ranked the most liberal cities in the world of crime, writes
Forbes Traveler, convey "more." The experts also studied the
and such "fear factor", such as natural disasters, social or political
unrest, war and terrorism. However, on the basis of such different
selection criteria is difficult to make certain the top 10 safest countries
the researchers note. However, some of the conclusions were clear: the leaders of the right
had escaped bucolic New Zealand, Switzerland, a neutral and perfectly clean
Singapore. Singapore. With the absence of natural disasters, law-abiding
residents and representatives of an established job security, which
engaged in combating terrorist threats, Singapore can rightly be called
one of the safest destinations for tourists. The only danger that
can wait for the tourists during their stay in this country - it is sunny
strike heavily equatorial sun or solid cash expenditures in
while shopping at chic shops along the streets of Orchard Road.
Iceland. At one time this country was struck by the North Atlantic
powerful in the world economic collapse, but this does not
has made 300 000 Icelanders notorious criminals. Crime rates
in this country consistently low, and there is a highly educated society
not so many social problems which, otherwise, could be
cause of crime and unrest. Switzerland. With three of his five
top cities (Bern, Geneva, Zurich), recognized the safest urban
territories of the world, neat, Switzerland, of course, also present in
this rating. The worst thing that can happen to a tourist in this law-abiding
country - it's an upset stomach due to overeating national dish
Fondue. Bhutan. The country with the happiest people in Asia (according to
recent studies) was also the safest. This Himalayan
kingdom with a strong Buddhist faith zealously monitors the nation's health and
reveres family values. New Zealand. New Zealanders are more
likely to injure themselves (during the rugby or "Bunge-jumping") than attack
on the other. Because of the peace-loving locals New Zealand can boast
the lowest level of violent crime in the Western world. Local Centres
tourism are far from the south, where raging tropical cyclones, and at the same time sufficiently
removed from the north, with its Antarctic blizzards. Last earthquake
with the victims here was noted in 1968. Ireland. "Some
our results are amazing "- the experts. For example, the Irish
always been considered very rude nation. Perhaps this fault were films like
"Gangs of New York", or the reason lies in the "eternal" problems with the intersection
Ulster border. But do not judge a book by its cover. Recent
study of the World Health Organization (WHO) has named Emerald
Island of the least criminal country in Europe. And according to the latest rating
UN Irish Dublin was a safer place to visit than
major cities in Japan, Australia and Canada. "The image of rough and
Hard Irish media is a myth - the Hollywood version, "- said Irish
businessman and diplomat Michael Mullalli, which represents many years
home country abroad. Cyprus. Another place, "rebelled"
traditional notions about him, was Cyprus. The struggle for independence from
British in the 1950s, and after 24 years - a reflection of the Turkish conquerors
- Left their mark on the perception of the eastern Mediterranean
Island. With its respect for the Orthodox church, family values
and rapidly developing economy, which began in 2004 with the accession
the European Union, the island has become a real haven of tranquility.
Cyprus - a country with a very high per capita income, one
the highest in Europe. I've never experienced terrorist attacks.
And when the Middle East conflict begins, people from war zones
evacuated to Cyprus, because it is the safest area around.
Dubai. Preventive security, thousands of cameras outdoor surveillance
and the government absorbed the economic and social stability, balance
the fact that Dubai is in the area of ​​a political hurricane in the Middle East.
Every day there are more than justified by the rich and influential foreigners
mainly from Russia and Central Asia, which buy in Dubai, housing,
hedging of the chaos in their native lands. Find the safest places
found several similar denominators. Thus, almost all of them are relatively
small, and in terms of size and in terms of population (New
Zealand was the highest in both categories). They are also distinguished
their financial well-being, if not globally, then at
least in comparison with neighboring countries with them. And for the most part -
they established an open and free society, with democratically elected
government and free press. Religious and family values ​​are also
appear in the outline of these areas. Many of these countries
also distinguished homogeneous population, although a mixed population of Singapore,
Switzerland and the southern Dutch Caribbean islands shows that it is not
always the case. No less important factors in determining in
well-being were employment status of residents and a high level of education.
For example, the unemployment rate to Curacao is approximately 3% of the adult
workforce. This high figure compared to other
Caribbean islands, where the same indicator reaches an average of
15-20%. The reason for low unemployment in Curacao is education,
firmly embedded in local culture and actively supported by local government.
Education laws make education compulsory until the age of 18.
And soon will be increased up to age twenty-one years. Most
dangerous places. UN on the basis of available data transferred several countries,
evaluated solely in terms of crime and illegal drug operations.
Countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq, involved in military conflicts, recognized
the most dangerous. However, there are regions steeped in crime and trafficking
drug, regardless of the military situation. For example, Columbia, South
Africa, Jamaica and almost always occupied a leading position in the list of hazardous
tourist destinations. Of all the western nations, the United States was the most
prosperous country with a stay of 24 highest number of murders per capita
population. France in the "black rating" takes the 40th place, UK
- 46th place, Germany - 49th place, while Japan - 60th place.

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