How to start your apartment ? Do you think the theater , with a hanger ? You are wrong !
Apartment starts from the switch. Because , surpassing the threshold before
all you need to find it, to illuminate the hallway and that same peg.

The switch should be always at hand, which means that next to the door, about
at waist level. Well, if this object is equipped with lighting, which allows
easily find themselves in the dark, better yet, if there is a sensor
responds to movement (you fit - the light is lit, move away - off).
Attention to their location, require switches in the bathroom and toilet
(They also often have to look in the dark), the child (the child must
get to the switch) and the bedroom (it's better to have two switches,
one - at the front door, the other - in bed, to manage a chandelier, do not
rising). So, you push the lever - and put the light on ... what?
Three tiers of specialists believe that the best is
three-tier coverage. That is in addition to the chandelier in the room should be
a few spotlights. Each of them is designed to create bright
next to a particular object: a table, bookshelf, closet. Third
Stage lighting - very thin. Usually, this sconce, table lamp
or floor lamp once ... The last - dim, dimmed lighting, it creates
cozy, warm sensation, an illusion of more space. Designers
the interior is not recommended to mix in one room lamps of different styles.
Lampshades chandeliers, floor lamps and sconces to match. Their color
- Blend with a touch of wallpaper. Ordinary light bulbs preferable
so-called fluorescent lighting, because the latter give the frigidity
and the lifelessness of the surrounding space. Kitchen is enough to buy
chandelier with one light bulb. All the same, and a cutting table, and even require a stove
additional lighting. A very convenient way: during meals included
only light over the table - then you will not see the rest after cooking
dirty pan in the sink and burnt the soup on the stove. For illumination
dining room table is not necessary to have a separate wall. If the kitchen is small,
You can use the height-adjustable chandelier. A single
bulb in the chandelier and bedrooms. But here you will definitely come in handy bedside
night light so you can read without disturbing the sleeping beside her husband. Additional
lighting need you next to the dressing table. Would not it odd
and near the cabinet. Children in shedding light on the adult bedroom does
no different. But the child will be nicer if the light comes from an unusual sconce
design, for example, made in the form of stars or months, or if under
ceiling - "flying" airplane, the cabin is lit lightbulb.
Chandelier with three (or more) lights needed in the living room, office ... And
you should be able to vary the intensity of the lighting include
separately one or more lamps, and all together. Good lighting
should be in the bathroom. First, a small-sized room so you should
clearly see all the things that they do not hurt, and secondly, imagine
that still piled up something and broke: to remove all debris, should be well
to see them. Please note that the ceiling in the bathroom should be closed on all sides,
otherwise steam will seep to the contact base and oxidize them. The light in the window
Oh yeah, forgot. It is still daylight, the one
that the day comes from our window. Because the brightness and orientation
this source can not be adjusted until, one thing remains: to reduce the flow
Daylight through the thick curtains, or even better - the blinds.
Unfortunately, this gift of nature to increase you, no matter how careful, will not work.
But you can try to skip to the room as much as possible the flow of light.
Use the thin tulle or do not hang curtains at all.
Room light okleyte wallpaper and do not place near a high window opening
furniture. Remember that the mirror reflects not only the interior but
light. However, a mirror placed in front of the window glare.

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