Repair - is a real tornado in the home and , like any natural
disaster , it is not subject to any laws and lives its own life .

With a very active tenants, it quickly self-destruct, that is any expensive
look. Otherwise, the repairs become another family member
and lives in an apartment for years: litter, Volyn, selfishly consuming
time. If repairing the apartment is rather cosmetic and their
forces, it is best done in phases, bathroom, kitchen, hall, room. Sequence
is not important, important not to turn into ruins everything at once - do not pull the reconstruction.
We recommend you start with a living room, first, the enthusiasm in the first
repair days more, and secondly, existing in a bedlam in the kitchen and hall,
you'll sleep like a human. Whether to make all the furniture on time, "bedlam"?
The answer to this question will depend on what you are going to bleach
ceiling. Traces of whitewash easily whisked from the tables and the floor barely wet
cloth. Drops of water-based paints wash out bad even with the solvent.
If you ask the better cover the ceiling, we still recommend the water-based
or latex paint. Do not whitewash. But if it was painted before
is it, then paint on top is not "will fall." In this case, or to whitewash
washed off, or renew. Unconditionally resume, if you're not going
more ceiling washing, picking, vacuuming. So beautiful! In the
the process of painting is no big deal, it just tedious. Three times tedious,
as a coating layer is not enough. To obtain a clean ceiling
and no bald patches, keep the paint on the specified time interval between
whitewash. It says three hours - like, relax. And while walking, think
- Why do the ceiling is white? Because he's neutral? But
and neutral light gray, and beige. If you do not plan on doing the wall
very colorful, try tinted paint for the ceiling of, say, the tone
wallpaper or furniture, if that one color. Wallpaper. They are, rather, it is difficult to disrupt,
than glue. Usually wallpaper come off dry, pieces of which lend themselves, scraped
spatula. And when the walls promazyvayut glue, rags neotskoblennye Wallpaper
themselves suddenly welling on the roller. Seeing the uselessness of the two-day,
all the long and sad laugh. Change the familiar script and thoroughly moisten
wallpaper before stripping, and then they will retreat back to a single blade
in rolls. On peeling wallpaper wet usually takes about four
hours. Adhesion to the new - twice. Now very popular
non-woven wallpaper base. Firstly, because they are fixed faster,
because you need only glue promazyvayut wall. Second, they are wide,
and five-meter wall will need a total of five strips of wallpaper. And, last
- They are inexpensive. Incidentally, the cheapest non-woven wallpaper - that are "painted"
- It is better not to take, if you're not going to paint them. After they paint
looks amazing. But without it ... you'll read until the next repair
headlines of every newspaper that ever since my grandmother's time firmly rooted
to the walls. Since these are semi-transparent textured wallpaper as Venetian lace.
Two things you need to make when choosing wallpaper. The first - to
texture of the palm and make sure that you like to touch it. It
not a whim, because the wallpaper - clothes your wall if it is unpleasant to the touch,
you will feel uncomfortable. And the second - harder to unroll a roll
and submit the pattern and color 'report on the four walls. "The beauty,
a picture "or" miracle, a juicy color "can look great
in a roll, but monstrous - the entire wall. If we could not persuade you
a light gray roof, try to experiment even with the wallpaper.
For example, take two forms - dark and light, and contrast the parallel okleyte
walls: the two one and two others. Then the wall can take different roles.
Brown can do "part" of the cabinet and put near the desk and bookshelves
cabinets, light - "part" of the bedroom, moving him to a bed and wardrobe. Not
afraid to experiment. Pasting wallpaper takes a weekend, and brings
comfort for several years. If too clever by half over the weekend - you can always
just perekleit in the following. Usually this does not happen, but the idea of
This little emancipates all who fundamentally changes the interior of his apartment.
Here, perhaps, and everything we can to help you. The Council does not ventilate day
pasted over the room, we give you will not, because we will probably
ten or twenty, who will tell you about it. Good luck to you repair!

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