Opportunities and a variety of building materials is enormous. How best to arrange
covering your walls can be solved for very long. So many choices , each
deserves attention in its own interest and has its difficulties.

Become increasingly popular wallpaper before painting. They attract the apparent cheapness,
ease of use and quality. Brand wallpaper look very impressive,
but do not rejoice too soon, that buy cheap wallpaper, quality of which
be the envy of all holders of ordinary wallpaper, but not for painting.
For good and should pay accordingly. And if the wallpaper on their own
price will cost you order less than a good standard vinyl, it
make up for lost time and the paint will fly you to the same penny.
But if you still really want this wallpaper for painting, but not
know where to start, read, think, choose. Paintable wallpaper
divided into three types. They all have specific features that are better
consider carefully, as quickly as possible to determine the choice.
Paper wall. Are embossed texture, which is impregnated with water-repellent
composition, which makes it possible to paint them a few times. Prefer
paper wall in the case when the walls of the apartment is not quite straight. Texture
Wallpaper perfectly conceals flaws surface of the wall. Good paper wall
look at the ceiling. Pasted wallpaper are very fast here
fully justified your hopes. Lack of them is fine structure,
eager to quickly and otsyrev may, God forbid, and fall off. But such a nuisance
can happen with any wallpaper. Non-woven wallpaper. They are Wrong
side is smooth, and the front part is a relief in the form of a drawing
foamed vinyl. As you know, non-woven has a good feature - helps
keep in shape. So that the wallpaper is not only perfectly hide wall irregularities,
but do not sit down and stretch after a certain time after attaching that
is to be expected from the wallpaper paper. Another plus: glue the back cover does not
part of the wallpaper, and immediately the wall, which greatly accelerates
process of attaching the wallpaper. This wallpaper is fairly resistant to moisture and relatively
abrasion-resistant, but only after painting. And while they roll in, it is necessary
treat them to some extent, tremulously. If you wish, of course, stick
wallpaper in good condition, not worn. Fiberglass. Material data
Wallpaper is produced from glass fiber strands that are mixed with paper
basis. The result is a different wallpaper on the density structure
and the embossed pattern. Of course, they are good camouflage flaws walls
In this respect all types of wallpaper are good for painting. Have one very important
property differs from other wallpaper - the presence of fire impregnation.
To stick the fiberglass, you have to tinker a little longer than
with flizelinyvymi. First have to cover a wall with latex primer, and
only then can be applied to wallpaper a special glue. A big plus
Covering is the ability to clean them with a brush, use a
extremely unacceptable to paper and non-woven wallpaper. Fiberglass durable
and, if I may say so, unpretentious. Which would you choose
kind of wallpaper, paint with the colors you can experiment with ad libitum. Commonly used
water-dispersion paints, acrylic and latex, designed specifically
wallpaper, and to give a particular desired shade, it is necessary
use Kohler, one or more. Very stylish looks
light on the wallpaper image unobtrusive, made with a brush. You can also experiment with
coloring the pieces of the walls different shades. If you do not like it, you can paint
the new, benefit, by painting that the wallpaper can make up to 5 layers of paint,
and fiberglass - to 10 or even more. Well, if you are on it
soul, rather buy the rolls, cut, dilute the glue stick,
paint, paint the ... In a word - create!

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