Watch for brake and loop cooling system.

Hot weather - at least a serious test for the car than bitter
cold. The car in this period needs special care. We found that in
the driver must pay attention to prevent the seasonal breakdown.
1. Disguise salon from the sun from the summer heat
suffer the interior of the car, especially dashboard and instrument panel: after
several hours of downtime in the sun, the plastic can "float" and crack.
Accordingly, there is a danger for appliances that are
under the dash (gauges, switches and radio). A good solution to the problem
- Toned glass (from 600 USD).. Additionally, you can fix on windows
curtains (40-150 UAH.) but under the windshield to install reflective screen.
In the case of car parking it is best to put in the shade, but if it is impossible
ВЇ-cover protective cover (150 UAH).. 2. Keep your car clean
To paint over an active sun is dangerous,
that is burning paint. Therefore, even the slightest
local pollution car urgently need to wash (especially poultry manure)
otherwise the paint will fade unevenly and the car is covered with conspicuous
spots. 3. If cold air is dosed in the heat to let
to "lobovuhu" stream of cold air due to temperature fluctuations glass
becomes brittle, it may even burst. Therefore, you must first cool down
Cabin air: to direct the flow through the central and side air vents on
instrument panel, and only after 2-3 minutes, include air conditioning on full
power. 4. Glass Repair Special care must be
observe if the windshield has a small flake: in the heat it can
burst (especially if the car a few days stood on uneven ground,
conducive to warp the body). For this reason, even hairline cracks to
timely repair, ВЇ is a service of the order of 100 UAH. and the new
ВЇ glass from 700 UAH. 5. Keep the motor pattern familiar
on a hot day - broken in the middle of the road car, which from under the hood
belching steam. "Boiling" is easier to prevent than to deal with its consequences.
So, before you go check for a clogged radiator cell debris (dust,
down), and the thermostat sensor and turn the fan operating perfectly.
Engine overheating can lead to premature overhaul, but it is at least
7000 UAH. costs. Classified as a cooling system - 10-20 times cheaper.
But just in case, you must carry with them in the trunk with a reserve capacity
distilled water or antifreeze - if for some reason, the cooling
liquid partially drained, you will be able to pour the liquid and accessible
repair to the place of its own power. It should include at full capacity
the stove - it will take heat from the engine into the cabin. 6. Do not overload the brakes
In the summer of trouble may be pursued and the braking system. Main
two problems: overheating the friction elements (pads, discs) because of the large
loads and boiling the brake fluid. Particularly high risk arises
when driving on mountain roads, where the failure of the braking system is
cause of the terrible accident. To avoid trouble with the pads and discs
Use only quality parts, which though more expensive at 1, 5-2
times Sino-Turkish production, but much hardier. In addition,
on the mountain roads to prevent overheating of the brakes or turn off the clutch
- Use engine braking. In order to take the heat do not boil the brake
liquid, it is necessary every two years to produce its replacement (the old fluid
accumulate moisture and changes its properties, even at 120 degrees instead of 180-200).

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