SMS-messages about how to disable existing mobile phones coming
on the phones of people are provocative and aimed at disrupting the activities of
to bring order to the mobile phone market. This was reported in the press-service
SE " Ukrainian State Centre of Radio Frequencies " ( UCRF ).

According to the report, "to mobile phones of citizens began to arrive
SMS-messages with threats of a few days off their phones, "
at the same time, "often the senders of such messages refer to the lack of codes
IMEI of the phone "in a generalized database. Those who receive such messages
subscribers, according to the Center, to seek clarification from the UCRF. In UCRF noted
that most people who believe that information, connect this
fact with the introduction of new regulations in Ukraine import of mobile phones because of the
borders and the creation of a generalized database IMEI codes of mobile phones.
In particular, the report said UCRF, "Some callers find
that the flow of messages associated with the introduction of detention by the state
activities that could hurt the rights of phone users.
After all, they are well aware that many phones that are sold in Ukraine
so far, or not certified and not approved for use
in Ukraine, or smuggled way, "- said in a statement.
To convince UCRF, communications had been received of this nature on the phones of citizens
Ukraine, "there is no other than as a provocative intent of certain
interested parties who so want to confuse people and cause
their dissatisfaction with the activities of the state aimed at protecting the rights
consumers and prompting civilized order on the mobile phone market,
as well as to cast doubt on the success of the program relative to
legalization of the mobile market in Ukraine "." UCRF in connection with the notes
that all the messages off, if they do not address the issue of payment for
provided by the operator of the services are untrue, "- emphasizes the
in the message. UCRF also reports that the IMEI codes of mobile phones (regardless of
on who the manufacturer and how they came to Ukraine)
that will be connected to the network in the period to 30 July 2009
will necessarily be included in a generalized database code IMEI, and these phones
be maintained without restrictions by all mobile operators. Verify
IMEI code, the presence of a mobile phone, which subscribers use today,
in a generalized database will be available only after September 30, 2009
UNIAN news agency reports. Recall, according to NCRC decisions about the order realization in Ukraine
electronic means and emitting devices and Regulations on the Importation into Ukraine
such devices, since March 28, 2009 is not allowed to import and sale of mobile
terminal / phone, no registration of personal code (serial number)
IMEI in a generalized database. Such a generalized database is public
Enterprise "Ukrainian State Centre of Radio Frequencies" (UCRF) within
information system for recording mobile terminals.

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