In Dnepropetrovsk, more than half raised their water rates .

Now the city, took seventh place among Ukrainian cities most expensive
water. If earlier the townspeople for the supply of water and sewer paid 2, 93 UAH.
per cubic meter, but now have to pay 4, 87 UAH. That is, if the earlier
family of three, which do not count, we had to pay for water
80 hryvnia per month, but now this amount soars to 133 UAH / month. Businesses
- And also more expensive: they rate - more than 7 USD / m cu. But state organizations
rates decreased by almost UAH. Public utilities account for a huge price hike
consumer debt and the fact that "Dneprovodokanal" long on the brink
bankruptcy. According to the head company of Paul Korzhenko, for the last
year they received damages of more than 52 million hryvnia, and the first quarter
today - almost 20 million. "The main reason for this state
main water body of the city - the debts of the population "- says Korzhenko.
That is why in the near future, he predicts off the water supply
debtors. For this installation purchased "mole." Through the sewage system
Apartment malicious defaulters will be disconnected from water supply and sanitation.

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