Dnepropetrovsk subway is , and sinker for six months saw no salary.

Metrostroevtsy invited correspondent "Today" to guests - a 50-meter
vertical shaft of the future metro station "Ploshchad Lenina". While down
in a special unit down, accustomed to work underground sinker
grimly told that it is through this vertical shaft, in the case
flooding of the tunnel, the water will pour out on the center of Dnepropetrovsk. One has only to
two days off pumps - and trouble is inevitable. Indeed, on this site is the
powerful water influx - 140 cubic meters per hour. Now stop construction
finance, and the water pump is necessary. "We are actually in debt
pumping water from the tunnels ", - complains the chief engineer" Dneprometrostroya "
Alexander Kasyanchuk, and adds that if you stop the pump at least
4:00, groundwater and underground rivers fill flash driven tunnels,
then pour out the underwater lake outside. Found only underground
several workers. It turned out that the team was divided into three parts. People
out in three shifts. Many people are under the ground now do not need. "We face
practically empty, - says head of personnel Tamara Pokhilko -
all Metrostroj were 500 people, but now it remains 230, and then - half
of them went to the free vacation. " Despite the lack of work and wages,
people are under the ground around the clock. Each shift lasts 8 Underground
hours. "There's even pretty comfortable - 15 degrees, compared
with the heat on the surface - the beauty - smiling metrostroevtsy - in winter, maybe
a couple of degrees lower. " But it turned out that this is almost the only positive
moment in their work. "Six months have not seen wage" - says 57-year-old
Brigadier Alex Shishkov. "I work here since 1984 - can not remember anything like it!
This is not live, and gets out - my wife works in the same subway employee,
on its payroll in 1200 hryvnia and live. Son studies at the University of the third
course, well, that the budget has got "- annoyed foreman. According to him,
find a new job in 57 years just is not realistic. "I have 30 years of working under
land, - says Alexey Shishkov - and I can not imagine that somewhere else
You can work with. " The youngest metrostroevets, 32-year-old Michael Minakov
- Sinker in the third generation. "My father and grandfather I have the miners. Second year
working here. There is a 13-year-old daughter and the family includes his wife - she has a small
business - and survive. " When Michael came to build the subway, pay here
3 to 4 thousand hryvnia at the local level is considered high enough
earnings. A year ago, a young and sinker could not assume that it will soon
it is not what to buy bread. Now workers at lunchtime divided
together with food and cigarettes. By the way, prefer those that are stronger.
"Tormozok" work brings one who can, to some it is sometimes
There is simply no money. Metrostroevtsy lunch there and then, under the ground, especially in
designated corner. "It's a shame that all this happens with highly
specialists. I have them in their time throughout the Soviet Union gathered, - the chief
HR Tamara Pokhilko - looking for the miners - not from the street is to take them! ".
In the subway, she said, there were many people, after all the work, although dangerous
and responsible, but less harmful than the miner. "There is no dust and methane. A
Now that I have not done - no one is here to work, everyone knows that
Metro is our wages and no "- Tamara Pokhil'ko laments. 'Kindly
quiet word "here and remember those in power - from the prime minister to the mayor. "After
Tymoshenko would be here. Let's see how we work here! - Says Michael
Minakov. - Here, in an emergency water pumping hours so that the pumps are off.
Then we leave the wet, as the mouse! And we just keep the fools! The mayor only
and knows that the fountains every year to open. Added onto subway would be better - people
life you will remember! ". The correspondent of "Today" personally
convinced that the ground water flowing down the walls, quickly fill
tunnel. On the tour, turn off all pumps metrostroevtsy because
when they work in the tunnel because of the terrible roar heard nothing. Idle
in the mine is boring and the Finnish plant - the last time it ran
in April. Miners were the last hope of Euro 2012, but after
Dnipropetrovsk has lost the right to take evrochempionat optimism drifters
dried up. Pessimistic and director of "Dneprometrostroya" Basil Savchenko.
"There remains a handful of enthusiasts. They have no weekends, no holidays.
And get down into the ground the other drifters I have no moral
of law. " PROUD TO SMALL. "While we are proud of the shortest subway
in the world "- the workers say. Although, according to the head "Dneprmetrostroya"
Basil Savchenko, that we have the most difficult to dig tunnels, since the
sites are found up to 6 different breeds, but mostly granite. In the vast
CIS with such podlyankoy found only metrostroevtsy Ural Ekaterinburg.
Every species must take a different technique. Finnish machine "Tamrok," which
blow up granite, purchased back in 1988 (now the car is worth 200-250
thousand dollars), and then went almost hand - using drills.

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