7 largest foreign creditors of the bank "Nadra" established a coordinating committee .
It is said the bank "Nadra".

"As part of the restructuring of foreign debt bank" Nadra "
signed an agreement on the appointment of steering committee that includes seven major
Creditors: Commerzbank, Fortis Bank Nederland NV, Cooperatieve Centrale
Raiffeisen-Boerenleenbank B.A. (Rabobank) and Standard Bank Plc as
parent banks and Cargill Financial Services International, NLB Interfinanz,
OTP Bank as members of the Coordinating Committee, "- said in a statement.
The main objectives of coordinating committee are: implementation of the mediation
role between the bank "Nadra" and lenders in the negotiation of the restructuring;
coordination of the negotiations; representation of different classes of creditors
(Bilateral loans, syndicated loans and trade finance).
Bank "Nadra" and steering committee looks forward to the speedy attainment
agreement on the restructuring of foreign debts of the bank. Temporary Administrator
Bank "Nadra" Valentine Zhukovskaya hopes for successful completion of negotiations
and considers unsubstantiated rumors about the possible liquidation of financial institutions. "More
ten months in the press constantly there were rumors about liquidation. But
the bank operates in the global financial crisis and, moreover,
consistently demonstrated a positive trend to restore normal
activity ", - said Zhukovskaya. Ministry of Finance estimates the external
indebtedness of the bank "Nadra" in 870 million dollars. As reported, according to
Ministry of Finance, foreign creditors of the bank "Nadra" is 100 international companies
banks and funds from 20 countries worldwide. More than half of total debt
account for debt as part of trade financing, mainly
guaranteed by export credit agencies and banks leading countries (in
including, US Eximbank, SACE, Hermes, Atradius). 20% - in arrears
Eurobond, which was made by placing the organizer of HSBC Bank (UK).
Part of the bank's subordinated debt amounting to $ 60 million
belongs to the former shareholders of the bank. Ensuring that debt acts
package at 51% of its shares. In 2008, another former owners of the bank "Nadra"
for restructuring the financial institution was involved financial
advisor - global investment bank Rothschild.

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