Domestic retailers have already forgotten about the crisis and are increasingly assert
of intent to expand its network.

Particularly often such statements retailers began to appear after
as a law to close the casinos. As reported by В«iВ» in
Ltd "Style D" (Dnepropetrovsk), which owns shops selling perfumes and cosmetics
Product ProStor, the company plans to further development, linking
his interest with the advent of the premises after closing casinos.
"Further development of an active network, we associate the following circumstances:
in the near future on the Ukrainian real estate market is expected to
increase in the number of interesting proposals for the retail sector. A large
part of the proposed premises is located fairly well. This situation
due to the release of the law prohibiting gambling business "- the company said.
In the Company "SUMARTA-LTD" (CU "COSMOВ») В«iВ» reported that "in the department
development of the company would not want to now comment on its plans regarding
liberated from the lease of premises gaming machines. " With that said,
that in general the company is planning to develop. "We want to expand their presence
mobile retail market in Ukraine, so the end of 2009 will be increased
the number of salons, "ALLO" 50 ", - says Director of LLC" ALLO "Valeri
Zolotukhin. However, he does not exclude the deployment of new stores in
premises closed arcades. "At the moment the property market
sufficient number of proposals, including the premises, which freed
after the close of the gambling industry. The decision to open a salon, "ALLO"
in these areas will be accepted only if the profitability of the proposal
in terms of rental rates, the value of consumer flow, and
transport interchanges, "- said Mr. Zolotukhin. According to experts,
within 3-4 years in Ukraine in general and in Kiev in particular was a shortage of commercial
real estate, and the appearance of the area due to the closure of gambling will
to a temporary decrease in the price of real estate market. However, analysts say
market quickly stabilized. "Ukrainian retailers, especially those that are present
the market for over 5 years, used to hunt for retail space. Sharp
the emergence of such a large number of premises, given that many of them
have a good location, make hitters think about renting or
even the purchase of such premises. However, despite such factors as low
price and availability of the proposals now few people have the means for this, because
priority for retailers is still reducing its debt burden, "-
expert says. Thus, while major networks are planning their expansion,
small businesses began to develop the vacated area.
According to the Kyiv City State Administration, in the capital at the beginning of the year was more
1 thousand arcades (in Ukraine - about 11 thousand legal gambling
salons). At the end of 2008 in Kiev operated about 50 registered
casinos in various sizes. Typically, the average gambling hall covers an area of
100-200 square meters. m, a casino can take a thousand or more square. m. Accordingly,
capital real estate market now will be from 150 to 300 thousand square meters. m
given the approximate number of legal / illegal gambling
and their area.

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