" Ukrmetrteststandart " suspended the certificates of conformity companies
HIPP and Humana for a number of baby foods that contain food
starch and wheat flour.

This was stated by representatives of companies and workers' Ukrmetrteststandarta "
at a joint press conference on the problem items
Law of Ukraine "On the baby food." Head of the laboratory certification of food
Product Enterprise "Ukrmetrteststandart" Tatiana Shataeva reported that the cause
CRL HIPP Companies and Humana was a protest of the Kyiv City
Prosecutor demanding comply with article 9 of the Law of Ukraine "On the baby food"
which prohibits the use of food starch and wheat flour in products
baby food. "We had no reason to revoke the certificate, but we
had to do it. All through an unfortunate mistake in the law, but there
law, it must perform, "- she said. According to T. Shataeva, out of 13
product varieties HiPP certificates revoked for 6. In Humana situation
even worse - of the 53 items is prohibited to realize 36 types of products.
Director of LLC "HiPP Ukraine," said Natalia Sinelnik that the company will
challenge the decision "Ukrmetrteststandarta", although I understand that the last
have become hostages of the situation. Representatives of the five leading producers
baby food (HIPP, Humana, Nestle, Semper and Hame), together with experts
Ministry of Health declared that the reason for withdrawal from the July 16, 2009
Year of retailers of baby food that contains food
starch and wheat flour, is a legal error. Because of that,
According to the manufacturer, with shelves of Ukrainian shops may vanish
60% of baby food. According to experts, the current Article 9
Law of Ukraine "On the baby food" instead of using starch food ban
and wheat flour during the making of a meat product contains a prohibition
use these components during the production of all products for children
supply. Help. The Law of Ukraine "On the baby food" came into force on
January 1, 2007. Article 9 of the Act says: "Do not use
in the production of baby food mechanically deboned meat, hides
pork, starch, food, wheat flour, hydrated products
soy and its derivatives, and mixtures of spices, whose composition
includes unregistered food supplements. "

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