The orientation of the economy to excessive macroeconomic performance has weakened
effectiveness of the fight with the government crisis and led to imbalances in
budget, tax, pension and monetary policy.

As the presidential press service, this assessment gave President
Viktor Yushchenko during a roundtable with representatives of the western areas of the media
country. "The government has not dared to tell the truth, that the macroeconomic
scenario in 2009 because of the politicking and the desire to see the statistics only
with a plus sign has led to the government simulated a model of economic
development and budget model that does not give an answer to a system of crisis
measures ", - he said. "We must be realistic and understand what our challenges are expected to
and then we can give a serious answer ", - stressed the President.
V. Yushchenko expressed hope that the government will make its policies more
adequate, since it will focus on the requirements of the International
Monetary Fund, which has concluded a cooperation program. In particular
Such requirements include reforming the gas market, the company
"Naftogaz Ukraine", the abolition of a number of populist government decisions and
the like. "We must clearly understand that the answer to that, when Ukraine will
of the crisis, a fifty percent depends on whether we will have a tough
fiscal policy and the policy of deep reforms ", - says head of state.
President urged to amend the budget as it is done in other countries
to overcome the crisis, which involved a review of expenditure
part, including administrative costs. The Head of State cautioned
emissions from the use of solutions to budgetary problems. Thus, I am convinced
The president, the government could trigger inflation. "It's important to understand
that the press is not the source. Choose from the NBU some tentative
payments - is populism, it is not true. Because of this policy is going on inflation, "
- Summed up the President. Permanent address: [

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