Ukraine and the EU discussed the action with respect to credit
for pumping the required amount of gas in underground storage facilities for
for normal transit in the winter, and plan to reconcile
position in a week. The journalists told participants at the negotiations .

"There are steps that will enable it clear on how many
financial resources of international financial institutions with the support of European Commission
we can count on, "- said the deputy chairman of the board
"Naftogaz Ukraine" Ihor Didenko. He noted that next Wednesday
or Thursday to be held in Kiev next round of consultations, which
will be representatives of the European side, the international financial institutions
and European gas companies, reports, "UNIAN". In turn, the commissioner
President of Ukraine on Energy Security Bohdan Sokolovsky said
that at the next meeting to be held a full examination of the necessary
Ukraine's actions and possible assistance to financial institutions. "The examination must
be subject to what specifically needs to be done in a short time to
to avoid some trouble in the fall and winter, "- he said. Sokolovsky
noted that today the sides have made progress, but declined
comment on the details of the negotiation process. Ambassador of the Russian Federation
to the EU, Vladimir Chizhov, told journalists that the Russian
delegation, which also was invited to the consultation was advised
of the negotiation process and the question and answers that have emerged as
from international financial institutions in Ukraine and vice versa.

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