Director, International Institute of Political Expertise Evgeny Minchenko
predicts that this year between Russia and Ukraine will not be another
"gas war" .

This is the opinion of the Russian director of the International Institute of Political
Expertise Evgeny Minchenko, speaking at an expert workshop in Moscow on
theme: "Ukraine on the eve of elections: politics and economics. Effect of external
factor, "said Ukrrudprom." I think the new "gas war" will not
because, for the Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko any "gas war"
- A recognition that it signed an agreement had been flawed gas
for Ukraine. She (Yulia Tymoshenko) hate to admit it, "- said E. Minchenko.
According to him, this situation could affect the "political
Yulia Tymoshenko's mythology. "Also, E. Minchenko believes that will be taken
attempts to revise these agreements in the next year, but the resolution
situation will depend on the position of the Russian government and "Gazprom".
Experts predict that October will also be "very serious" crisis of
calculations of Ukraine for Russian gas. "Ukraine will have to resort to additional
external borrowing, since the printing press nebeskonechen resource ", - said
expert. In his opinion, Yulia Tymoshenko can now win in the development of nuclear
energy. "Establishment of a joint Russian-Ukrainian enterprise producing
nuclear fuel would be one of the most successful government steps Yu
Timoshenko ", - said E. Minchenko.

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