Six months later, we learn the name of Ukraine's new president , but today " money "
preparations for the elections in full swing. "Today" asked political scientists
estimate what amount will operate the candidates and what they spend
their budgets in times of crisis .

According to all experts, the current campaign will be much less costly
than the previous ones. So, Dmitri Vydrin argues that budgets will cut in half,
Vadim Karasev - which is 10-15%. Fewer concerts will be for voters, less expensive
(Up to 30 hryvnia per day plus grub, whereas before it was at least 50
UAH) will manage the service "maydanarbayterov", - says Vydrin. "Harder will
control over the flow of funds, policies, refuse services paid
foreign PR "- echoes Karasev. At least half of the money
In their opinion, will go to advertising. Political analyst Dmitry Vydrin claims
that vote will cost one voter's presidential candidates are 5-10 dollars
and before a half to two times more, depending on its popularity. "If
candidate plans to recruit at least 20% of the vote - about
5 million people, multiply by 10, get $ 50 million, or about 400 million hryvnia.
The lion's share of this sum will go to television advertising, on which the 70% success.
Next in popularity come cheap billboards. But any sense from them,
- Vydrin said. - The remaining amount to be spent on the work of electoral staff,
trip to the region, paying those who stand at the rallies. " Director of the Institute
Global Strategies Vadim Karasev believes that only money right now just
will not solve the "Voter does not believe anyone. In the second round of Yanukovych leaves
clearly, but who will be the second - Tymoshenko, Yushchenko, Lytvyn, may
Yatsenyuk - unknown. " Gaidai Sergei political strategist predicts: the old
standard "show-and-advertising" approach, when politicians do not go on television,
and in cities held rallies prop - waving flags and crowd waiting
appearance of the protagonist, who will read from notes text, - a thing of the past.
And because of the expense, and because of disgust at Kiev. Success, according to Gaidai,
will be those who go to the masses (as did Barack Obama in the election
U.S. president, Leonid Chernovetsky in the mayoral election in Kiev) - they are organized
"Network Marketing", a kind of word of mouth, when their supporters in the district
Neighbourhood and even campaigned headquarters of their neighbors and friends to vote
precisely because of "their" candidate. The head of the association of outdoor advertising Artem
Bidenko claims that advertising budgets are candidates because of the crisis fell
a third, but nevertheless, on outdoor advertising (billboards, citylights) they
Conversely, increased against what was in the previous presidential election.
"In 2004 was spent A $ 25 million to date, the Association plans to
receive about $ 30 million, partly due to the fact that we have reduced prices by half,
it has given effect. Now the demand for "outdoor advertising" is grown and continues to grow
- Bidenko said. - According to deploy the whole Ukraine about 25 000 "planes",
already have applications from many candidates: Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc "Our Ukraine" Party of Regions,
Yatsenyuk, Gritsenko, Tyahnybok, Tigipko. While there is a "ranging", pritsenivayutsya headquarters,
decide how many billboards where they want, but the main bulk orders are scheduled
in September. "

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