" Hide and Seek " lights are complications cores , aching bones and the increasing

Week beginning will require attention to the health of the earthlings and calming
shattered nerves, because these days will be preceded by a total solar
eclipse. It will happen on Wednesday, July 22. Residents will see one half of the Earth
of the rare events when the light is completely hidden behind the moon. Unfortunately,
of Ukraine will not see anything, but many Ukrainians will feel this eclipse
for yourself. The head of the Crimean astrolaboratorii "Western" Alexander
Botwin said the "Today" that the total solar eclipse will begin at 00
hours 53 minutes Greenwich mean time on the west coast of India (in Ukraine
at this time will be without seven minutes 4:00 am): "This is the longest solar
eclipse in this century - 6, 5 minutes. Around the dark disk will fire
solar corona and the star will be visible. The next solar eclipse, however,
incomplete (annular) will be 10 next January and will complete
March 30, 2033-go). " As this day will affect the health of Ukrainians
therapist told us of the Institute of Clinical Research Benjamin Gavrish:
"Despite the fact that we do not see the eclipse, the cores will experience it in full
measure. This day will be the magnetic storms that affect and cores, and
in hypertensive patients. There will be whining and old injuries, and fractures. " But you can get rid of
from other diseases, says psychic Svetlana from Kiev. "We have a capacity
with water, light a candle, light it and think of what you want to get rid of.
At the beginning of the eclipse look in the mirror and lie head to the east.
Then imagine yourself in the mirror of the patient and how the image is compressed
and turns into a dark disk. Then burn it mentally, get up and cook
candle. And all must pass the disease on which you thought. " But on this day
can greatly exacerbate the problem, so that we can not quarrel, or a
year will be held in squabbles. But the day is favorable for traveling.

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