Children's camp "Eaglet" is located in a picturesque corner of Ukraine - the village
Dahnovka Cherkasy region.

According to the newspaper "New", for eight years at a special rehabilitation
program here in the summer resting boys from dysfunctional families, children with disabilities,
children lagging behind in development. And they have an opportunity to see what
world - is not only hunger, beatings and robbery, are they helping professionals
- Teachers and psychologists. The result is eloquent: no child has ever
who visited the camp, did not accept the old. Analogues "Eaglet" in Ukraine
no more, however, he could face closure - all the neighboring camps in
the protected site was occupied by the powers that be. About vtoroklashke Vadik
(Name of parents are asked not to be) learned the whole country - the boy's grandmother
wrote a letter to the president. In it she complained that the child being bullied
in school and offer parents send their children to another school.
And all because Vadik was uncontrolled, disturbed the whole class to learn and
rolled into hysterics with his teachers could not cope. Parents
forced to marry the little "monsters" service for children
Sosnowski Cherkassy Regional Executive Committee decided to send to summer camp in the "Eaglet"
- This "New" said head of the department of prevention services
for children Angelica Dobrovolskaya. And thanks to that boy now
do not know. - Teachers have found the conditions in which the baby lived, -
told the head. - It turns out his parents live apart and painted,
but his father kept in touch with them - was the so-called father coming.
A child is father's education was lacking. In addition, a significant Vadik
health problems that affect its behavior. Employees
camp on the souls and talked to the boy's father, and he realized that he must take
active part in the upbringing of his son. Vadik parents were married. Child
transferred to another school. There he is behaving much better. And now in family
expected completion ... Worked in place of caretaker thing is,
that the camp "Eaglet" problem children relax with their normal
peers - this is the uniqueness of the rehabilitation program,
which was successfully held here for many years. Children see
that life can be happy that we can not be afraid of injuries, making
to life and not to steal, and even if you're disabled, you can lead a normal life.
Each child's teachers are some talent and help develop it.
- Someone begins to paint, some sing, some play sports,
- Said a senior teacher at the camp "Eaglet" Elena Lenskaya. - We have
was a boy, in whose hands all the "burning". If I had to score
nail into the wall, nail a shelf or something to fix, we asked him about it.
Naturally, the camp is the steward, who does it all, but when the child
praised for his skillful hands, it is growing self-esteem. Elena Lenskaya
remembered as a gifted boy, who was on vacation in some camp
consecutive years, and when he grew up, was asked to counselor - to help carry out a disco.
Money for the work he did not pay, because such a position in the budget for the camp
not provided, so he worked for the food. Now the guy has become known
DJ in Cherkassy. In the camp relaxing and children with disabilities. Here they are
give little chance to improve their health, and most importantly - learn to feel
themselves better than others. So the boys are told that even if you're disabled, you still
You can try to live normally. Despite health problems,
Jan Fedyuk mom helps foster brothers and sisters have Jana Fedyuk
- Dysfunction of the pituitary gland, it is not growing. Besides, girls do not have eyes.
But in spite of health problems, she helps the mother to put on
feet of their younger brothers and sisters - because John the eldest of four children.
With money tight in the family, and John works part-time - that carries the booklets, the works
waitress. And now she is preparing to enter a university. Call the police
useless in practice, employees of service for children and is as follows:
to save the kids have to make tough measures. Angelica Dobrovolskaya
told the "New" about two sisters - 17-year-old Vick and a 16-year Ksyusha,
who live in constant fear. Their father had killed their grandfather, but otmazatsya
from prison, because it works in the police. This home tyrant, feeling
impunity, the whole family keeps a tight rein: beats his wife and girls.
- There was even a case - says Dobrovolskaya. - Ksenia night
when her father beat her sister and mother, recorded on a mobile scene, and ran
in a nightgown in the district police station. Attire custody order,
went to the scene, "reassured" the colleague, but after that the woman did not
written statements - is afraid of her husband and believes he will escape punishment.
Moreover, she began to drink. According to Angelica Dobrovolskaya, service
intends to deprive the mother and the father of girls, their parental rights. Only then Vick
Xenia and can live in peace. Of course, the best option would be to isolate
father of the family - without the mother probably would have ceased to drink, but she
must find the strength to fight this. And although it is all in the family
nothing has changed, thanks to the support of teachers, both girls after a rest
in the "Eaglet" are stronger now and not afraid to dream of another life.
Maxim Pushkin wants to live in a normal family situation is similar
and Maxim Pushkin, his mother is raising three sons from different fathers.
Two older brothers, Maxim has gone on a curve track: one serving
term in prison for juveniles, the other smokes, drinks and steals.
- Maxim's mother drinks - continues Angelica Dobrovolskaya. - The boy lives
in the shack, get him to school for an hour. We gave the mother one last chance
- If it is three months did not stop drinking and will not shelter in order
it will be deprived of parental rights. If you do not, repeat the fate of Maxim
his brothers. While the boy lived in a shelter. Change in tabriki
Sweets workers camp witnessed many underprivileged kids who
home often go hungry because their parents spend money only
for vodka. But in the camp the kids are well fed: every child to eat every day
allocated 30 hryvnia. In the menu - a salad of fresh vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers)
every day, meat dishes, soup or hot Borschik at first. -
We rested for a 7-year-old girl who ate three plates of borscht -
Elena says Lena. - Her mother is an alcoholic, had no time for the
to feed the baby ... Those evil, the world is very much teenagers
in his arms. Children, even the letters in the word "octopus" manage to rearrange
to familiar to them - "moonshine." But here they have another life and entertainment
others, too: instead of slot machines - play "tourist ferry."
Rebyatnya plays soccer, is a master class on prettification Easter eggs,
listen to the bards, travels to Cherkassy in bowling, winning the dance marathon.
The camp came up with its own currency - tabriki. They could
earn, if not to indulge in and capricious, and do something useful.
They opened up two boards of accounting: on the one fixed luck, on the other - bad behavior.
Accrued in the first "pay" for the second "fined". By the end of the shift tabriki
could be exchanged for sweets. Statistics fixes patches
Many opponents of the education they say and what's the point - because of
camp "Eaglet" children return to their usual life, where parents
drink, which has to steal something to eat for lunch. Many of them
used to sit night after night for slot machines, smoking marijuana
fight. However, Helen Lena says: Everything that is done, not in vain.
- I think the main thing that the children carried out of the camp - is the belief in
their strength and ability to overcome difficulties - admits Helen. - There is a
statistics according to which those children who rested in the "Eaglet" at least once,
after that were not seen in any wrongdoing. Educator
says, the "Eaglet" comes a lot of kids with extinct eyes, drooping
shoulders and a full conviction of its worthlessness. But when they left
camp, his shoulders straightened them, little eyes light up in flame, and they believed
in what they can change their lives for the better. Last summer?
Unfortunately, the only camp for the holidays for children from disadvantaged families
survive, possibly late summer. Earlier in the "Ukrainian Riviera" - so
called before the revolution, this beautiful corner of the Cherkasy region - work as much as
five children's camps - "Seagull", "Eaglet", "Dneprovets", "Dzerzhinsky" and
"Svitanok". Now, instead of merry laughter of children and Pioneer furnace
four of them very quiet. But behind high fences of the former camps
Construction is in full swing luxury villas. They privatized the majors
from Kiev, who exactly, then they do not know. Rumor has it that one of the cottages bought Julia
Timoshenko. But in "The Seagull", where thousands of kids make healthy before, now
conveniently placed recreation of one of the security forces, according to veteran
- "Golden Eagle". Small islet of locks so far is "Eaglet".
Before the crisis, there were planning to make repairs - a four-bedroom housing
is in poor condition. He is surrounded by ribbons, which warn
rebyatnyu that the walls of the approach is dangerous. But this summer holiday of children
reduced by half - the change lasted only 14 days instead of the usual
months. Under the program of rehabilitation for children from disadvantaged families here rested
25 children. At the camp 20 houses, but only two of them lived children.
- Every year over our camp and we are the dark clouds threatening the closure -
Director laments "Eaglet" Oleg Sergienko. - This year, such rumors
became very active. We hope that this will not happen because
children's camps and so there are few, and think about the future need. P.
S. Understand those who have money, you can - there chic nature, forest,
lake in 20 minutes. But it can not all be the same only for the rich!
One hope - until the end of the lease "Eaglet" is far away. But as the
practice, those who have money, little things do not stop ...

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