President Viktor Yushchenko has stopped action government regulations ,
that the State Mortgage Institution was entrusted fund
this year with funds raised under the state guarantees
2007-2008, the completion of construction of housing facilities to the degree of
availability of more than 70%. This was referred to in the decree of the President, the text
which has the В«proUAВ».

In particular, the President stopped to Decision of 17 June 2009
, в„– 684 "On measures to provide housing for certain categories of citizens,
are in accordance with the law are entitled to receive it. "
The head of state to stop the action of the last paragraph of
4 Procedure for granting state guarantees for the obligations of the State
Mortgage Institutions, approved by government decree of 3 August
2006 в„– 1094 (as amended by the Decree of the Cabinet of 17
June 2009 в„– 684). The President believes that government regulation
Number 684 does not meet the Constitution of Ukraine. The President also noted that
in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On prevention of the global financial
crisis on the development of the construction industry and housing "support
housing before January 1, 2012 shall be effected by the grace
Lending by financial institutions, business entities,
who carry out construction (developers) to build housing
and other construction projects on securities, property rights
and other assets (Article 3). Cabinet issued the same ruling,
said Yushchenko, who provides funding for the completion of the
Residential with a marked degree of readiness through the acquisition of such
housing, as well as purchase the finished housing the State Mortgage Institution,
that is provided above the law. The President believes that
The Cabinet went through the powers of Parliament, by adopting appropriate
ordinance. In this regard, the President asked the Constitutional Court
to consider the constitutionality of government regulations
Number 684 and the last paragraph of paragraph 4 of the Order of the provision of public
guarantees for the obligations of the State Mortgage Institution, approved
Cabinet decision of August 3, 2006 в„– 1094 (with
, as amended by Cabinet of Ministers of 17
June 2009 в„– 684). Participate in the constitutional proceedings
on this view, is authorized deputy head of Presidential Secretariat
- Representative of the President of the Constitutional Court Maryna Stavniychuk. This decree shall enter
in effect from the date of its publication. Recall, 17 June, the Government
adopted a resolution which authorized the State Mortgage Institution
be funded through funds raised under the state guarantees
2007 - 2008 period, the financing of the 2009 completion of the construction of housing
objects with the degree of readiness of more than 70% and for a period of commissioning
no later than December 25, 2009 through the acquisition of such housing and buy a ready
housing with its subsequent transfer for key spending of budget funds
for housing benefit recipients.

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