Review and modify the terms of the old loan , depending on the capabilities of
borrowers are willing virtually all banks , but mostly on mortgages and car loans .

Small consumer credits (cash loans, "trade" credits available)
restructuring banks is very rare. With this revision of the terms bankers
use a whole arsenal of measures, but the bank will not let you choose your own.
Considering the possibility of restructuring the loan, banks often proceed
of the features of the problematic client: it says how many can afford to pay in
month, and then the credit manager looks like it may reduce customer
payments that he continued to pay on the loan. Depending on the circumstances
monthly payment may be reduced by 10-50% and even more. But do not
think that the restructuring - manna from heaven. Firstly, this proposal
temporarily - reduce payments to banks only at 6-12 months. Second, after
vacation loan payments are returned to previous levels or even rise.
Available restructuring only to those who have difficulty in repaying
credit and who does not hide from the bank. In this case, the bank will reduce the time
monthly payments and the borrower does not lose the apartment bought on credit or car.
The bank will likely refuse to revise loan terms to those who
lost his job and has no chance to find it, can not repay even the interest
on loan or for a long time hiding from the bank. In such cases, it goes on sale
pledge - a voluntary or through the courts. Also, restructuring is not available to those
who have no problem with the income (or they fell only slightly), who continues
regularly pay on the loan, but wants to reduce the amount of payment. Methods
restructuring of bad debts credit holiday let
within 3-6 months. not repay the principal amount of the loan, pay only the interest.
This is the most effective and popular measure. Depending on the circumstances
can reduce mortgage payments by 40-50% and even more, but not profitable
at the beginning of the loan, so interest the lion's share of monthly payment
and payment will decrease slightly. In addition, the bank may extend credit
and / or distribute underpaid for the amount of the loan to the body following the
credit vacation months, from what your loan payments will be higher than before
crisis. The increase in the loan term. The monthly payment may be reduced
by 10-20%. But the total amount of the overpayment for the entire term of the loan will increase.
Change of loan repayment schemes with a standard annuity for help
reduce the loan payment by 10-25%. But will result in an increase in the amount of interest
and overpayment on the loan. Rescheduling of debt.
Transfer the payment to another date - at the beginning or end of the month. This helps
adapt to changing conditions and wages do not spend money on pay
penalties. Partially or fully repay dollar credit on preferential hryvnya
rate (for example, UAH 7. / $) Total benefits, but little is available. Often
borrowers borrow from family and friends to "close" the loan and not pay
interest. Change the loan currency from the dollar and euro on the hryvnia. It
not always beneficial, since the conversion rate and the new rate will be market
(Respectively, 7, 9-8, 0 $. / $ And the 25-35% APR). The amount of debt in terms of
hryvnia to increase by 50-60%, the monthly payment - by 70-80%. Will be
meaning only in the further devaluation of the hryvnia. Cancellation penalties and
penalties for late repayment of the loan is usually offered with a full
arrears, in most cases, the borrower
available. Otherwise, the loan amount can be increased by the amount
late payments and penalties (the capitalization of the debt), which increases costs and
on the loan. In rare cases, penalties and fines forgiven. Decreased percentage
rates. Rate is reduced by an average of 1%, not more. Useful measure but a temporary
- The rate is reduced by up to 6 months. Then it can be even higher than the original.
Vacation credit with a complete abolition of loan payments are convenient, but
almost never offered by banks. Except in cases where the borrower has lost
work and have confidence that he will find it during the "holidays". Can be
subsequently degraded conditions of the loan (higher rate). Replacement of the borrower
the loan applied for a credit sale apartment schemes for the exchange of deposits
for loans to troubled banks, as well as for re-registration credit for effective
family member.

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