Kiev became a city with the cheapest housing from the beginning of the crisis real estate
here fell to 2-2, 5 times. However, a record decline in home prices is accompanied by
A record drop in demand from potential buyers .

According to local real estate companies, the average one-bedroom
apartment in Kharkov offer for 30 thousand dollars with the owners often
agree to give 5-10 thousand Here at the end of 2008 the apartment exposed
an average of 65 thousand dollars. However, a record decline in prices has come to
potential buyers, rather the opposite - as compared to
period last year, demand for housing fell by 90%. And those who have
have the opportunity to buy an apartment, take a wait in the hope
to further reduce prices. A rapid decline in housing prices in
Kharkiv experts explain the mass sale of apartments in new buildings
at the lowest prices. If spring square meter in buildings worth at least
$ 600/kv. m, it is now possible to find the offer of $ 490. Because buyers
interest has already been passed and shelter for his choice of focus, above all,
the price, the developers begin to dump. Trying to attract customers
Some companies have started to sell housing in installments. Such flexibility
developers leads to a further decrease in property values ​​in the primary
market, despite the fact that many of them say that they already
sell items to the detriment of themselves. True, Kharkov reeltory tried
follow the lead of their colleagues and tried to Kiev to cause artificial
stir in the market. Potential customers who contacted the agency,
They offer more expensive options, and convince them that the market has reached
bottom, and prices will only rise. However, this did not increase the number of transactions and not
led to an increase in housing prices. Before the crisis a week on average consisted of
about 30 deals, now - no more than three.

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