In the ranking of the most attractive to international networks riteylerskih
Cities , published by the magazine Forbes, Moscow took the sixth place .

The rankings were determined 280 largest companies in the world,
employed in retail trade - such as Givenchy, Prada, Gucci, Versace,
Zara, Metro, Adidas. Place in the ranking of " shopping capitals" were distributed in
accordance with the number of outlets, which are the top retailers have
in a particular city . First place went to London - it presents
166 of the 280 largest retailers. On the second line is located in Paris
(139 companies), the third - New York (131 company ). The five leaders
also includes Dubai and Madrid (128 and 123 companies , respectively). In Moscow
these companies , there are 119. Close the top ten Berlin, Munich,
Barcelona and Tokyo. Recall that Moscow is also among the 10
European cities, the most profitable to invest in commercial real estate .

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