Ex - head of the State Property Fund Valentina Semeniuk - Samsonenko believes
that the sale of Odessa Portside Plant will allow proponents of the competition
provide financial support for the presidential election. This was , she told
at a press conference .

"The company is now exposed only on one condition. Anyone who has declared
the tender for privatization is in crisis and at a price
- This means that there will be financial support for the presidential election "
- Semeniuk explained . She noted that the faction of the Communist
parties are not voiced his clear position on the IPF , which suggests that
that "the Communists actually support the privatization of the plant and the initiator
Sale - Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko . " "Today there is not a declaration.
That is, we can say today that, apparently , the Communists will not play
against the sale of the pearls. Probably do , as always , support
Yulia Tymoshenko ", - says ex - head of the SPF , which quoted the league .
As reported by the " Observer ", the State Property Fund of Ukraine
under the direction of the Acting Head of the Fund announced a tender for
selling 99 , 567 % shares of JSC " Odessa Port Factory ."

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