As reported today, CEO Anatoly Myalitsa aircraft factory in
bank generally blocked 100 million UAH. HAZ accounts . In addition to debt
arrested Antonov An- 140 cost $ 10 million

According Myalitsy , causing a conflict between the bankers and the aircraft factory was
credit, which took from Megabank HAZ and has not returned. In turn,
First Deputy Chairman of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration Volodymyr
Babayev noted that Megabank - not the only institution in which the HAZ
took the credit . But other banks are more loyal to the company . "Such loans
the company - for $ 800 mln. If the government is actively engaged in
development of the aircraft industry , providing state support,
All banks have agreed to this , except for one Megabank - said Babayev.
According to him, the Kharkiv Oblast is working on a solution
problems of Kharkiv aircraft factory.

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