Despite what some experts said the achievement of Ukrainian
economies in the bottom, there is still a lot of uncertainties that
may affect the new round of financial crisis in the country.

Intensification of the crisis will affect the level of welfare.
But at the same time, the crisis provides a chance to rethink their spending,
that, most likely, many ordinary citizens have already done. To as much as possible
easier to transfer a second wave of the crisis, it is worth it to prepare in advance
InterCredit writes. It is better to err and to diversify distribution
their contributions. It is desirable to shift the Deposit, if you have not already done so,
of small banks with high interest rates on deposits in several
government or major foreign banks. It is necessary to apportion the sum of the contributions
so that they do not exceed 150 thousand hryvnia, which are guaranteed
return to the state. In the case of urgent need to buy a home,
need to bargain with the seller on both the primary and the secondary market.
If a question is a home purchase is not a priority, it is best to abstain
from purchase and set it aside until the autumn. Then, perhaps, will be a new correction
prices, there will be new proposals in view of increasing business activity, and
sellers are likely to be more compliant. Today, excessive demand
the cars there, so you can choose exactly what you need
and appropriate cost-based discounts. Consumer electronics, as well as cars,
should be considered as goods nepovsednevnogo demand, so if the purchase is not
so urgently needed, the costs can be deferred to a later date.
However, please note that an increase in the dollar and preserve income in
UAH equivalent to the old level, the potential buyer may miss
its benefit by delaying the purchase at the moment.

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