The average wage in Ukraine in I half of 2009 amounted to 5436 UAH.
Data were obtained from the analysis of 120 thousand jobs posted
Online Employment, during the first six months
this year.

"Everyone in Ukraine knows perfectly well that the salary does not reflect the State Statistics Committee
the real situation on the labor market, - says Vera Tkachenko, Chief Editor - Since the Committee operates on official statistics and does not
takes into account the existence of such phenomena as the payment of wages in envelopes.
But during the crisis, a lot of companies have resorted to this method
cost optimization. Indicator of the average salary, I think, more
real. "highest salary among the top managers. In I half of 2009
they were offered an average of 12, 35 thousand UAH. However, six months earnings of these professionals
decreased by 27%. In second place - and programmers. During the first six
months of 2009, their average earnings amounted to 9, 381 thousand UAH. and for six months
increased by 5%. The third position is occupied by process engineers. In I half of them
average salary of $ 6, 338 thousand UAH. For the six months increased their incomes
106%. And this is the highest growth dynamics. In general, salaries for six months
Ukrainian workers fell by 1%. In the II quarter of 2009, employers
proposed rate of 3% less than in I quarter, the newspaper said in Kiev.
Top 10 salaries I half of 2009: 1. Top managers - 12 350 gr. 2. Programmers
- 9381 gr. 3. Process engineers - 6338 gr. 4. Builders, architects -
6216 gr. 5. Marketers, advertisers, PR-specialists - 6179 gr. 6. Accountants
financiers, bankers, auditors - 6167 gr. 7. Sales Managers
- 5641 gr. 8. System administrators - 5561 gr. 9. Experts in the field
Insurance - 5410 gr. 10. Logisticians, drivers - 5303 gr.

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