Buying an inexpensive real estate in the Crimea with the advent of the crisis became a reality,
and those who have 50 thousand dollars, fully able to buy a house by the sea .

Accessibility and ease of crossing the Ukrainian border attract
Many property buyers from Russia. In Crimea you can fly on an airplane
by train or by car, without a visa, even without the passport.
Towns and villages of the Crimea, with its unique nature and a dry sweet air,
- For many relatives, friends since childhood places. In the first quarter of 2009
Prices for residential real estate on the Crimean coast have declined slightly in Evpatoria,
Kerch and Yalta. Popular Alushta continues to keep prices at the middle
2008, and in the Theodosia real estate, though not much, but it has risen,
estimated real estate portal 100 square meters. Kerch Kerch city-hero
with many historical monuments, for example, can offer in the secondary
market one-bedroom apartment of 32 square meters in excellent condition,
Just a 15 minute walk from the sea, over 16 thousand dollars. In the new house near
embankment in an area with developed infrastructure small apartments are
45 square meters worth 43 000 dollars. Evpatoria on the west coast
well represented Evpatoria with a mild climate, miles of sandy beaches
mud and resort areas. Here in the old five-story building, you can buy
two-bedroom apartment of 64 square meters in the immediate
proximity to the sea, over 45 thousand dollars. At 3 km from the Evpatoria sold
2-storey house by the sea with all facilities with a total area of ​​120 square
meters for 55 thousand dollars. For those who are attracted to mud treatment, we can
buy country house by the lake in a picturesque location, 2 km from the sea. Single-storey
house 70 square meters will cost 23 thousand dollars. Feodosia
East Sudak Crimea - is the coast from Alushta to Feodosiya - famous for interesting
natural and historic objects. Here are Sudak, Novy Svet,
Koktebel. East coast is known as the prices in comparison
with the South Coast. For example, in Feodosia in the coastal area of ​​bedroom
apartment with a good repair, the total area of ​​42 square meters, will cost
53 000 dollars. Similar versions of the real estate market a lot of Feodosia.
In Sudak-room apartment 30 square meters on average is 50 000
dollars. In this price range are flat in the nearest villages.
Yalta, Alushta, Crimea Foros south coast, from Foros to Alushta, one of the
the most expensive and popular. And yet, in a beautiful new house in Gurzuf studio
apartment with total area of ​​48 square meters overlooking the Adalary is 55
thousands of dollars. The house has a swimming pool, playground, fitness center and parking.
In the secondary real estate market in the center of Yalta you can find a small apartment
area of ​​22 square meters worth 42 000 dollars. Solar, malovetrenoe
Alushta coast has good suggestions for one-bedroom apartments
secondary market. For example, 52 thousand dollars for a 46 square meters
repair. For that amount you can buy an apartment and a new home, but at the stage
construction. Sebastopol in Sebastopol, where you can combine a beach holiday
guided tours, for sale found an old house area of ​​83 square meters
downtown for 50 thousand dollars. Newly built house, 110 square,
overlooking the sea, three kilometers from Lyubimovka offer for 37 thousand dollars.
Pick up a one-bedroom apartment or cottage in Sevastopol for 50 000
dollars will not be easy. If you like the cliffs, crystal clear
sea ​​and beautiful views, some 15 kilometers from Sevastopol is a cape Fiolent,
"God's country." Here by the sea sold a two-storey cottage with a garden for
25 thousand dollars.

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