In Kiev will be the inner city underground transport . Within the State
target program for the construction and development of metro network in Kiev
supposed to create one of the first part of the underground in Ukraine ,
partly above ground , light-rail trestle .

About this reporter informed the head of Zaporizhzhya city department of architecture
and Urban Development, Chief Architect of Victor Trubin. Project implementation
expected at the same time, the second stage construction of the Southern district -
around 2015, the launch - in 2026. Told the chief architect
city, "Rada" - that is to be called a new form of transport - is
something in the subway or tram. Feature Zaporozhye Metro
that it will be shallow - about 20-30 meters below ground. General Plan
provided the city to begin construction of "Rada" in the South neighborhood.
Branch subway pass on the street Novokuznetskaya come to the railway station
and further down the avenue to the port. The second line is planned to send to Zaporozhye
titanium and magnesium plant, a plant "Kremniypoliimer," "Zaporizhstal"
"DSS" and to Hortitsky neighborhood. Principle of movement of
project differs from the traditional underground - it will be automatic,
no driver's driver. "Start" will be relatively large
composition, consisting of two trailers in the future of the increase.

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