The Board of Directors of the International Monetary Fund ( IMF) has approved
Ukraine third tranche of the loan at $ 3, 3 billion

However, the proposed more stringent conditions selected from the International Monetary
fund of $ 3, 3 billion third tranche Ukrainian government has already decided
send $ 1, 9 billion to repay its foreign debt. At the same time
The IMF said the requirements for the Ukrainian side, which she must perform
to continue cooperation with the fund. Thus, the government agreed
before the end of the year to raise gas tariffs for households and teplokommunenergo
by 20% to introduce a penalty for nonpayment of utility services, cut the deficit
General government (in other words, the consolidated budget) to the end of the year
0, 6% of nominal GDP and to keep the deficit at a level no higher than 6%. Pension regime
One of the conditions that have agreed to meet in the Ukrainian government,
is to ensure that the 2010 deficit of general government is not more
4% of nominal GDP. This, according to preliminary calculations, 42, 2 billion USD. In
the previous text of the memorandum and predictive value of deficit was indicated
at a lower level - 1, 9%. The Finance Ministry noted that the increase in border
is fully justified because not abate the crisis. According to IMF estimates, real growth
Ukraine's GDP in the next year will be only 3%, and then by the effect of base
compare (this year is expected to fall by 12%), while earnings
budget substantially reduced, and costs increase. The Cabinet has estimated
because of the crisis, the treasury income in 2010 will decline by 22 billion UAH.
"Creating a deficit budget for next year due to losses
Budget revenues from those adopted in late 2008 and throughout 2009, the Supreme
Rada anti-crisis laws that provide tax incentives
in different sectors of the economy ", - noted experts in the Ministry of Finance report.
Threat to the budget are also stimulated an increase in stabilization fund
(In particular, to finance preparations for Euro 2012), as well as
cover temporary cash from the state budget gaps in local budgets and
Pension Fund. The Finance Ministry considered an indicator of 4% of general government deficit
very optimistic for 2010. "In the crisis, most
European and CIS countries are planning their budget deficit of more than 5% of GDP "- note
in the ministry. According to experts, to reduce the deficit
Governance government should pay maximum attention to the problems
"Naftogaz Ukraine" and the Pension Fund. "Now the structure of the deficit is such
that the principal amount of its quasi-governmental organizations have on -
state-owned companies, state banks, pension fund "- the economist said the investment company
"Dragon Capital" Elena Belan. Partially solve the problems in the oil and gas
sector (by raising tariffs and payment discipline), the government
The IMF has promised to take up the pension system. The Cabinet is committed to
before the end of October to approve the specific proposals to balance the deficit
Pension Fund. According to First Deputy Minister of Labour and Social
Paul Rozenko policy, one of the steps the government in this direction
will cancel spetspensy for specific categories of people: People's Deputies,
officials and judges. Cabinet proposes Verkhovna Rada to adopt appropriate
bill in the spring, but then it has not passed. "I think we
again submitted to the Parliament the document, and, hopefully, in anticipation of
presidential election deputies will treat him differently, "- says Rozenko.
According to him, the government plans to limit the amount of monthly pension
5-8 thousand UAH. "Then, as now retired deputies estimated 15
thous. "- said Rozenko. The deficit will block tariffs, however, measures
The filling of the Pension Fund should be more stringent in order to significantly
affect the budget deficit, experts say. Paul Rozenko Recalls
as a result of the abolition of spetspensy Cabinet was hoping to get "a few hundred
million hryvnia, "whereas, for example, certain government deficit
Pension fund at the end of the year must not exceed 13, 5 bln. So
experts believe that the deficit next year will be provided
not in the pension, and other areas. "For example, at the expense of the quarterly increase
gas prices by 20%. After the presidential election campaign, which
completed early next year, the government can not afford
sharply raise prices to the public ", - says Elena Belan. According to
executive director of the Center for Social and Economic Research CASE
Ukraine Dmytro Boyarchuk, to improve the state pension fund without having a negative
effects of any additional burden on the budget impossible. "The decision
this problem requires a politically embarrassing for the government actions, such
as an increase in retirement age, or a substantial increase in funding.
For example, a contingency fund that will support the Pension
fund, while the reform will not end. "

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