UEFA president Michel Platini has said that Ukraine could lose the right to
of Poland with the European Football Championship in 2012. This
opinion was expressed by the Polish media following his visit to this country, where
He inspected the city Gdansk, Poznan and Wroclaw selected for

As the channel "Vesti", Platini expressed his satisfaction with how prepared
to Euro 2012 in Poland. "As for Ukraine, - said Platini - there are now
There are many of our experts and the final decision about how can
Does it take the Euro 2012 matches will be made in December this year. "
Ukraine has remained a matter of weeks to prove that the country will be able to perform
all the promises that were given after the victory, along with Poland for the right to
Euro 2012 Football Championship. UEFA is concerned about delays in preparations for the competition
and has developed a program to save the championship. UEFA President, who
visited Kiev last month, set the deadline for Ukraine - 30 November.
Last week a delegation of technical experts visited four Ukrainian League
City - Kiev, Donetsk, Lviv and Kharkiv. Experts tried to find out whether
stadiums in those cities to adopt a European forum and whether the infrastructure is ready
an influx of tourists. Their conclusion will be on the table Platini is September 25.
"Now in Ukraine there is the only city that can get to the Euro -
Kiev is - said Platini. - Others have yet to submit to the UEFA guarantee
that they can fulfill their obligations. " On spare
UEFA plan, instead of the other Ukrainian cities, the choice could fall on Berlin
and Leipzig in Germany. Platini himself acknowledged that this option is not excluded.
However, he stressed that while Ukraine and Poland is the organizer
Euro 2012 and the final decision on how it can cope
to conduct such large-scale events will be made by the Executive
Committee of UEFA in December.

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