2009 was lost to the country's energy sector .

After all, the Government is now under pressure from the World Bank's planned
finally proceed to the first stage of introduction in Ukraine of the competitive model
energy market. However, after repeated transfers start of the reform project
again lost for an indefinite period. Scheduled for September
month the first auction for the sale of electricity by direct contracts between
manufacturers and suppliers of power will not happen. "I think the auction
will not be until September, but generally before the end of the year "- said the" i "source
in the NAC "Energy Company of Ukraine." As previously reported, "i"
The Cabinet was planning to end of June to submit to the draft amendments to the parliament
to the law "On electric power," which should have allowed producers
and electricity suppliers to enter into direct contracts with each other, bypassing the
operating in Ukraine, the so-called single wholesale market. However, the document
to the parliament has not acted, although the appearance of the walls of the officially registered
bill on direct contracts left the energy sector Fat chance
to conduct the first auction on current direct sales in September
year. NERC after the adoption of this law was planning to put up for auction
10% of the total volume sold in a single wholesale electricity market annual
worth about 58 billion UAH. According to experts, the work on
finalizing the plan for reforming Ukrainian wholesale electricity market
continues, but "quite dull", and do energy, "it seems that already
do not believe in the success of this initiative. " "I also doubt that this
year we will start implementation of the plan. Now, all interests are oriented
on politics, not energy. Get useful fruits of the project implementation
energy market reform is not immediately successful, but run into a large-scale
criticism of the presidential election can be, "- said," i "the president
Energy Association of Ukraine Vasyl Kolko. According to him, the pace
promotion energoreformy could significantly push the case
appointment at the government level official responsible
for the project. "Months ago, we offered seven set
project manager at, say, a member of NERC. Then, with this kind of
agreed, and then forgot about the idea, "- said Mr. Kolko.
While the project is frozen at the level of preparation of the necessary laws and regulations
documents - no practical steps towards the establishment in Ukraine
competitive European model of bilateral direct contracts between producers
and suppliers of electricity this year has not been done and is likely to
before the end of the year has already been done will not be. However, is not quite true
to say that 2009 was for energy in terms of promotion of reforms
simply lost. Things are much worse. This year, due to
economic crisis, as well as freezing the rates for government
kilowatt-hour, the energy industry of the country took a deep setback.
Against the background of the projected 15% drop in production of electricity
by the end of 2009, as well as reduction in export volumes, the volume of cross-
subsidies to industry in the energy market of the population by the end of the year will
32%. The worst financial position in the industry has developed a thermal generation,
that the government had only recently planned to sell.
Thus, the freezing of tariffs negative thermal efficiency
generation companies to the beginning of the summer has reached "-20"% - "-22 '%. During the eight crisis
months Teplovik gained 1, 5 bln. debt only for loans
generation companies attracted by state-owned enterprise in Oschadbank "Energy."
The total loan portfolio Teplovik last year grew 3, 5
times, surpassing the mark of 3, 2 bln. As a result, the loss of heat
generation companies will be 3, 6 billion UAH. and a cash deficit - 5, 8 billion
UAH. In general, throughout the energy industry in 2009 returned
Trends to increasing losses, the accumulation of creditors' debts, and
to reduce investment and maintenance programs. And who would now
neither won the presidential election, to reform the energy market in
2010 will be much harder than it has been possible in the 2009 First
will have to start to pull out of the thermal generation of losses and debt trap,
for what it is required to raise the price per kilowatt-hour for the population at least
than tripled. Secondly, the unfolding of the reform process
energy market, as well as the preparation of thermal generation companies for privatization,
demand from the Government of simultaneous structural industry
reforms that have been postponed for years. This is, first and foremost, the resolution
problems of restructuring of energy companies billions of debt, the failure of the system
single two-part tariff per kilowatt-hour for the industry, as well as
Legislative approval of NERC's independent status. Third,
opportunities for reform in the electricity and efficient privatization
generation will have to decide what to do with the national post-socialist,
planning and distribution, loss-making and corrupt the coal industry.
Because the future is hardly a private owner Ukrainian power plants
want to buy low-quality domestic coal for the proposed price.
However, you can continue to do this is not done, neither in 2010 nor in
2011. However, in this case does not interfere with count, just in case
What will the price of electricity in Ukraine in the coming years. Or predict
when the country will begin rolling blackouts.

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