Cabinet has approved the purchase of 100 thousand tons of diesel fuel for the needs of
farmers at a price of 4, 9, UAH / t including VAT . This was reported by the Prime Minister
Yulia Tymoshenko.

Yulia Tymoshenko noted that 70 tons of diesel fuel will be purchased from " Ukrtatnafta "
(Kremenchug refinery) and 30 thousand tons - " Ukrgasdobycha " ( Shebelinka GPP ). "This
price , of course, much lower than those of speculative prices , which are now
act . 100 thousand tons is enough to complete the normal harvest
and in order to remove the speculative proposal of the market and make it
adequate " , - said Tymoshenko. According to him, to buy
diesel fuel at a discounted price, farmers should contact the regional offices
Agrarian Fund in the same manner as in the treatment of grain for sale .
At the same time DT will need to collect from the enterprises ' Ukrtatnafta "or" Ukrgasdobycha "
own expense.

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