The cheapest country in Europe called Macedonia . So the report says
EU statistical agency Eurostat, which compared the prices of
goods and services in 37 European countries.

In Macedonia, a candidate for EU accession, prices are lower by 53
rates than the EU average . The cheapest country in the EU is Bulgaria ,
where consumer prices were below the European average of 49
percent. In a study of Eurostat was attended by 27 countries - EU members,
as well as three countries - candidates for EU membership (Croatia, Macedonia ,
Turkey), three states - members of the European Free Trade Association
(Iceland, Norway and Switzerland), as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina , Albania,
Montenegro and Serbia . Statistics Agency compared the prices of 2 , 5 thousand
types of goods and services in these countries. But the most expensive country in
Europe - Denmark. Consumer price level in this state by 41 percent
higher than the EU average . The next most expensive in Europe were
Norway and Switzerland .

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