Winning the lottery - an unheard-of success . However, there is fortunate in Ukraine ,
that such a miracle has happened twice! 60- year-old physician assistant from the town
Perechin Transcarpathian region Valentina Kozub last week in the second
again became the owner of the apartment of one of the state lottery.

As Valentina says , it is 5 years with one goal - to win
housing. In August 2006, she won a dwelling , but chose to take
the cash equivalent - 270 thousand hryvnia. "I asked the organizers
or wait for housing for a year, or take the money . Bird in the hand - is more reliable.
Mom made ​​repairs , buy a car, between his son and daughter shared , some
left in the bank ", - says Valentina Kozub . At this time the crisis has shaken the
trust women to banknotes , and she chose an apartment. "I do not even know in
What city is housing - will report in two weeks - but on TV goes
advertising that the house was built in Irpen near Kiev , in the woods . " According to Valentina ,
luck does not foretell anything: neither prophetic dreams was not, nor signs. " Went to
church only on holidays, praying every night , but not at the apartment, and
just read the "Our Father ... " Asked nothing except his health ... I per
I play a week , I buy 5 tickets . I think after the success in 2006 is no longer
lucky. But a miracle happened ! " Passes " Today . "

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