A few days ago the Council of Ministers adopted a decree by which a real estate transaction
get rid of the euro.

To determine the interest rate realtor, apartments will cost
transferred to a base value. Because these services are cheaper. And most importantly, stop
go up with the growth rate! This is another measure of program dedolarizatsii economy.
It shall come into force on 1 August. In addition, large families, standing in
line for a discounted loan on an apartment, real estate brokers must give a discount
50%. To get the discount, you will need to present copies of the identity
a large family and an extract from the waiting list. - We and to order
give discounts to veterans, as required by law for veterans, and disabled - to
discretion of the organization. We believe that if the company is working openly and
legally, it will not be difficult to meet the vulnerable groups,
such as veterans, the disabled, large families, - told the director of
of the capital's real estate agencies. - Moreover, in our practice, this unit
cases. Typically, large families rely on state aid, stand in line
and do not buy commercial housing for cash. As for prices, which
will now be calculated in rubles, it is even more convenient. We live in Belarus,
operate under contract price in rubles, with construction companies is calculated
rubles ... And now banks do not give foreign currency loans only in rubles. So
that the transition to core values, facilitate the work will not have to follow the
catch rate and profitable. True, the base amount since the beginning of the year has not changed,
a dollar and the euro rose, so that from the beginning, we have already started to receive
less in dollar terms ... But it is a logical continuation of the policy de-dollarization.
If everything will be settled in Belarusian rubles, everybody will be beneficial to work
the fact that the Belarusian zone, all was well, despite the crisis.

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