Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko promises to jail the former owners
" Ukrgasbank ".

Commenting on the owners of failed banks, Tymoshenko said,
that they were under the control of its political opponents. "If
here there are investors, "Ukrgasbank", be aware that this is just the
Bank, which controlled the Party of Regions. And refinancing, which
they were granted the National Bank, they transferred to a 1% interest in a small
bank ", - said the prime minister. "After the presidential election will all be
sit ", - Tymoshenko assured. The main owners of the "Ukrgasbank"
to the recapitalization were Verkhovna Rada deputy of the Party of Regions Vasyl
Horbal and city council member from Regions Alex Omelyanenko. Commenting
the question of where to put money on deposit, Tymoshenko advised investors:
"Put your back to where the lowest percentage, because there are very low risks
on deposits. Do not trust the banks, which promise 25% per annum. " Also
Tymoshenko promised that in case of its victory in the presidential elections will be
known as bankrupt banks in Ukraine. "The maps will be opened
and every citizen will see what happened to his money, as money
went to offshore accounts. And today I can only what I can - to give you
your money ", - Tymoshenko appealed to the depositors of the bank" Rodovid. "

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