Almost half of the " white collars" are willing to commit an immoral act
for the sake of work during the crisis. These are the results of the poll - provoking ,
conducted site to find work and staff HeadHunter.

So, at least willing to immorality for the sake of
44% of the workers. Almost one in ten staff (11%) are uniquely
confirmed its willingness to commit such an act. Of those who
admits committing an immoral act, 60% of them had in mind or lie
fraud, nearly a quarter - "an informal relationship" with the boss, and 16% - was given
others would cebe services, and 5% did not disdained to steal. Together
so, 45% of respondents to the survey of Ukrainians believe that such measures for
conservation work - it's not an option, believing that honesty - above all else.
It should be noted that this was covered was conducted in April among the Russian
"White collar". Percentage who reported willingness to make unethical
deed, in the Russian group was lower - 49% compared with the Ukrainian -
55%. However, according to a poll by recruitment portal
Superjob, the majority of Ukrainians (71%) did not fear losing their jobs. As a rule,
smaller than the other respondents are afraid of losing their jobs under the age of 25 years - of which
without fear of the remaining 25%. Respondents from this age group
more optimistic about the future and believe in yourself, "I'm not afraid Layoffs
due to the fact that I have higher education, the knowledge of two languages, a number of
completed courses and a number of qualities that are necessary for every job. "But
Even those respondents who fear losing their jobs, more experienced
not "for the work itself," they are afraid to go without income. "In any case, without
work, I will not stay. It's a pity only that will temporarily go to a smaller
wages. "

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