The government intends to sell shares of 15 public power companies Cabinet
Ministers decided to sell shares of 15 power companies , which currently
moment are in the state.

At the moment, according to Acting Chairman of the State Property Fund, Dmitry
Parfenenko, the question of removal of the statutory fund packet NAK "Energy
Company of Ukraine "(which manages the shares). According to official
if all the necessary procedures will be carried out rapidly, the first
auction can be announced in September 2009. At the
However, the SPF has not yet issued a list of companies that will exhibit
for sale, as well as the interest sold the shares. As the "case" the press secretary
State Property Fund Nina Yavorskaya, power companies in terms of state intends to
realize controlling blocks. According to the analyst of "Galt \u0026 Taggart
Securities' Alexander Paraschiya, these lots will be attractive to investors.
"Now the power companies - one of the few companies to show earnings growth.
So I think that those who buy their stocks there, "- said the expert.
Potential buyers Analysts have estimated that the control
shares in power companies will be interested in DTEK Rinat Akhmetov. Earlier in the interview
"CASE" its director general Maxim Timchenko said that DTEK interests
first of all "Donetskoblenergo." "We own more than 30% of the company, except
She is in the region, the presence of DTEK "- said Timchenko. Of
other domestic investors buy shares of power companies would be interested in
group "Privat" Igor Kolomoisky and "Power standard" of Constantine
Grigorishin. These structures already own shares in several power supply
companies. Of foreign investors in the auction can take part
Russian "Inter RAO UES", Italy's ENEL and other European companies,
working in the markets of Eastern Europe. Minority stakes
power companies will be less interesting to potential buyers. Recall that
This year the State Property Fund sold 26, 98% of "Lvivoblenergo" for 197, 8 million USD.
company "TEKT-Trade" and 25% +1 "Chernigivoblenergo" for 223, 4 mln.
of "On-line Capital." However, selling a block of shares "Poltava"
"Prikarpatieoblenergo" and "Sumyoblenergo" repeatedly postponed due to
the lack of bids for the bidding. "Investors are much more interesting
purchase of a controlling stake than blocking. Small packets of interest
only those who already have stakes in these companies, or investment
funds that will exploit these shares ", - said Para.
"Kyivenergo" at issue in the same time, it's unclear whether the
MFI offer for sale a controlling stake "Kyivenergo", which is also
is a statutory fund, "Energy Company of Ukraine." "Kyivenergo"
has a dual status - it generates and the electricity distribution companies.
Theoretically, it could be on the list for privatization. I think that the action "Kyivenergo"
no need to keep state-owned, they can be sold this year,
if the government so decides, "- said the prime minister's adviser
Alexander Hudyma energy issues.

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