Kyiv Mayor Leonid Chernovetskiy helped create an international social
Internet project for creative people, buying a few virtual diamond
on the Web page (" Page Name ").

About this project organizers UNIAN "Page of Names". As reported
earlier, the original idea of ​​"Page of Names", have liked the creative celebrities
belongs to the eighteen-Ukrainian student Roman Pukhal'skii.
According to some experts, the participation in this project, L. Chernovetskiy demonstrated
attention to young talented people whose ideas can make a big
contribution to cultural development. L. Chernovetskiy, who is also creative
man understands the need for the existence of such projects and fun
support them, experts say. UNIAN reference. Participants in the project "Page
of Names ", on the basic idea should be 272 people from different countries
world that are relevant to creativity. The basic idea of ​​"Page
of Names "- the original design of the main web page of the project using
272 virtual gems. Each of these stones will be owned
one of the participants in this project, the person whose name and for 10
years will be posted on the site of the stone, he owned, while redirecting
Visitors to the project's Web site.

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